The Librarian's Secret Diary
By Grace Tierney
5/6/20 My First Day
5/13/20 The Story Time Saga Begins
5/20/20 Miss Fix It
5/27/20 Everybody is a Critic
6/3/20 Tangled Yarn
6/10/20 A Colourful Day
6/17/20 History and Bicycles
6/24/20 Ghosts, Witches, and Zombies in the Library
7/2/20 A Crazy Witch on a Bicycle
7/8/20 Beware Novelists at Work
7/15/20 I Acquire a Minion
7/22/20 Crushing the Hopes of my Minion
7/29/20 The Book Ordering Battle
8/5/20 Inter Library Loans
8/12/20 The Joys of Unboxing
8/19/20 A Pigeon at Story Time
8/26/20 Christmas in the Library - Part One
9/2/20 Christmas in the Library - Part Two
9/9/20 Neither Borrower Nor Lender Be
9/16/20 New Year’s Resolutions
9/23/20 The Great Library Spring Clean
9/30/20 Bob’s Big Book Sale
10/7/20 First One’s Free
10/14/20 Democracy and Circles
10/21/20 It Has a Blue Cover
10/28/20 Love in the Library