Broken Eagle
By David Baker
4/5/20 All roads lead to Rome - or do they?
4/5/20 When in Rome
4/6/20 A broken home and a broken man
4/6/20 The queen with the ginger hair
4/7/20 The general and the queen fight; a boy becomes a man
4/10/20 Iacta alea est: the dye is cast
4/11/20 Across the sea and into the adventure; Patricius suffers
4/14/20 The warriors arrive; the intrigue begins; a game is won
4/18/20 A spy, a bishop, a high council; does anybody tell the truth?
4/20/20 A love restored, a Pope perplexed, an army bound in baptism?
4/22/20 Aureliana communes; a Saxon arrives; Germanus falls from grace
4/25/20 Into the Vortigern's power base; Ambrosius knows his enemy; the Vortigern plots and plans
4/28/20 An ally is captured; Patricius writes a letter; a rescue mission is launched
5/2/20 A prisoner unchained; Memor saves the day and Germanus lives to fight on!
5/4/20 Germanus is Alive! An Imperial Triumph! Patricius is Here!
5/6/20 New Life; New Patricius; New Ally
5/9/20 Secret Treasure; New Born, New Bond, New Sign
5/12/20 Severianus waits; Patricius turns; Germanus deals
5/16/20 Patricius is saved; Aureliana seduces; Lupus is lost
5/20/20 Patricius sets out; Lupus is captured; Coelestinus shares a secret
5/24/20 Lupus restored; Patricius hunted; Severianus appeased
5/26/20 Patricius reaches safe haven; Barita reports back
5/29/20 Germanus learns more of Eustachia and appoints a chaplain; Patricius remains safe
6/1/20 Coelestinus finds secret papers; Germanus sees a ghost; Severianus receives a letter
6/14/20 Germanus gains a daughter
6/23/20 Virconium is attacked; Severianus watches and waits
6/27/20 Patricius tells his life story; Germanus conquers in that sign
7/2/20 Severianus gloats; Germanus triumphs, then falls
7/5/20 Severianus advances; Germanus dreams; Ambrosius triumphs
7/11/20 Patricius learns of Germanus; Coelestinus has to think quickly
7/18/20 An investigation begins; Severianus arrives; Visinius remains silent
8/4/20 The Vortigern renews his plan; Germanus and Aureliana are at one - for now
8/9/20 Agricola licks his wounds and plans revenge; Lupus begins to understand his destiny
8/17/20 Nulla dies sine linea: Coelestinus resolves to keep going
8/22/20 Germanus, Patricius and the Vortigern all make far-reaching decisions
8/23/20 Two bishops consider their options
9/5/20 The March to Londinium begins; the Vortigern plans a counterattack; Patricius is reborn
9/6/20 Memor and Coelestinus reflect on the battle to come
9/20/20 Germanus as Emperor; Fastidius as stalking horse
9/30/20 The troops advance; the strategy is formed; Lupus takes sides
10/13/20 Drustans is fearful; Patricius is proud
10/24/20 The battle for Britannia ebbs and flows; the Pontifex's dream turns into a nightmare
11/2/20 Two enemies assess their positions; Germanus receives an invitation that he must accept
11/12/20 Memor pleads in vain; Germanus and Agricola meet
11/22/20 Unlikely Partnerships: Memor and Coelestinus; Germanus and Drustans
12/3/20 Nil desperandum: all but one live to fight another day
12/21/20 Coelestinus has an unwelcome caller; Fastidius and Patricius need a contingency plan; a surprise visitor to Britannia is about to arrive
12/30/20 Constantius says a last goodbye; Aetius waits for his host
1/4/21 Germanus and Coelestinus wonder if anyone can be trusted
1/23/21 The Vortigern, Patricius, Lupus: three minds made up
5/23/21 Old rivalries surface as battles begin
6/15/21 Lupus is in trouble; Aetius must decide; a traitor is rooted out
6/17/21 Constantius is no more; new alliances are being forged; Lupus makes a promise
6/18/21 Renewal on every front
6/19/21 All roads lead to Verulamium; Patricius will have his revenge
6/20/21 Palladius and Vindex take stock
6/21/21 Battle lines are drawn: Lupus is shocked in defeat; Aetius and Severianus become allies
6/23/21 The fight to end all fights, for two men at least
6/24/21 Elafius makes a surprise discovery
6/27/21 One man's fight ends; another's is just beginning
6/29/21 Comrades reunited: but anyone be trusted?
6/30/21 The temple of Albanus is the goal; Lupus descends into oblivion
7/3/21 Surprises all round
7/4/21 The Vortigern's final attack is launched
7/8/21 A disappearance and an appearance
7/9/21 Lupus and Germanus prepare to meet their fate in surprising ways
7/10/21 Surprise after surprise happens; will there be no end to them?
7/11/21 Elafius loses control; Aureliana and her entourage are speechless; Coelestinus plays up and plays the game
7/13/21 Elafius and Barita receive an angelic visitation that reveals little - for now
7/17/21 Germanus brings the warring leaders together; Memor reflects on the past and begins to forecast the future
7/18/21 Periculum in mora: there is danger in delay for all
7/21/21 Persona grata: Germanus is chosen as Lupus is saved and Patricius captured
7/28/21 A priest and a waif discover a horrible truth
8/1/21 Father and son drive each other mad
8/9/21 Germanus begins to confront his fate, as Aureliana prepares for his death
8/10/21 All that glitters is not gold; not even for Sevira Augusta
8/11/21 Memor and Segovax are reunited as they attend a coronation
8/11/21 All roads lead to Londinium now
8/12/21 Germanus and Sevira prepare to be crowned: but who can they trust?
8/15/21 Aureliana's absence is noticed as she prepares to bring forth a son
8/17/21 Germanus is crowned, but opposition to his reign begins immediately
8/18/21 Coelestinus is forced to look on as Germanus is sacrificed
8/21/21 Germanus meets his wife and her Saviour
8/22/21 Aureliana departs; Germanus returns
8/23/21 Germanus renatus: the General is reborn but Sevira disapproves
8/25/21 Alpha and Omega