A Month of Murder
By David Baker
4/2/20 May 1 2019: Just Another Day
4/8/20 May 2 Afternoon and Evening: Frustration All Round
4/13/20 May 3 Morning: Not All Bad News; Some Dates for the Diary
4/21/20 May 3 Afternoon: a Case Review, a Last Visit, a Promised Revenge
4/24/20 May 3 Evening: Reminiscence, Replay, Reminder
4/27/20 May 4 Morning: Awake, My Soul; Vendettas in Riddles; Wright in Love
4/30/20 May 4 Afternoon: Back to 1976; A Warm Welcome; Final Preparations for an Organist
5/2/20 May 4 Evening: A Holidaymaker Returns; Playing Trains; A Slow Evening Reviewed
5/6/20 May 5 Morning: 'On Sundays I take my rest...'
5/9/20 May 5: Three Sunday Lunches
5/11/20 May 5 Afternoon: A Winning Draw
5/16/20 May 5 Evening: Gelsthorpe rants; Wright is saved; two hands need an owner
5/20/20 May 6 Morning: a New Man makes decisions; Monday Review at the CID; Lancashire Lasses has an angry caller
5/22/20 May 6: A liquid lunch brings a turn up for the books
6/2/20 May 6 Afternoon and Evening: Intruders break into Salem; Philbey loses a book; Welch and Gelsthorpe are uncooperative
6/7/20 May 7 Morning: Riddles begins to give up its secrets; May and his team remain unconvinced; Dooley receives another visitor
6/17/20 May 7 Afternoon and Evening: Philbey confesses; Metcalfe runs off
6/18/20 May 8 Morning and Afternoon: Boris and a book; an organist turns up
6/21/20 May 8 Evening: Bishop to Professor; the scene at Salem; Elsie predicts
6/28/20 May 9 Morning: some conclusions reached
7/2/20 May 9 Rest of the Day: Aftershocks
7/13/20 May 10 Evening: ‘looking back, I could have played it differently’
7/16/20 May 11: Saturday outings
8/2/20 May 12: Sunday musings
8/8/20 May 13: Re-writing the past and anticipating the future
8/16/20 May 14: Tensions rise all round
8/18/20 May 15 Morning: Watery goings-on
8/25/20 May 15 Afternoon and Evening: Appearances can be deceptive
8/28/20 May 16: Connections – or the lack of them
9/8/20 May 17: Two men fall asleep, at least one of them for good
9/15/20 May 18: a new Detective Constable ponders the case
10/3/20 May 19 Morning: Rise and Shine
10/11/20 May 19 Afternoon: Four Conversations
10/17/20 May 19 Evening and Night: An Adventure goes horribly wrong