Vista of a sisyphean mind
By Ibrahim Oga
3/10/15 The grand opening.
3/10/15 My mentor and the reality of mortality.
3/30/15 What's your Grandeur?
4/7/15 Hope is the enemy.
5/8/15 Are you living THE life?
9/6/15 Of big dreams and delusions.
10/13/15 A brief tale of the great bow (Short story)
11/17/15 Respect: the mirror effect.
12/15/15 Let’s excogitate possibilities.
1/15/16 Coffee wish (Short story)
2/15/16 The needless act
3/15/16 Everyday is tomorrow (Short story)
4/15/16 Hot and Cold
5/19/16 Blind to the tricks
6/17/16 And that's how she cooks. (short story)
7/17/16 A case for the earthlings
8/15/16 The watchers
9/17/16 Santa impression
10/15/16 Self-correction 101
11/15/16 Pay day blues. (Short story)
12/15/16 Prescription acts
1/15/17 The waiter (short story)
2/18/17 Thinking cap (short story)
3/15/17 Zeroes, Ones, and Tens
4/15/17 Lucky us
5/16/17 When you are sick and tired
6/16/17 In my third (short story)
7/15/17 Chain (short story)
8/15/17 Handyman (Short story)
9/20/17 Alternative Me
10/19/17 Ride (Short story)
11/15/17 Love is a rainbow (short story)