Love me a myth!
By Fran Boschet
5/16/21 Old As the World
5/23/21 A Path for Those Who Have Lost Their Way In the Dark
5/30/21 Powerful Friends
6/6/21 It Never Purrs
6/13/21 No One Should Know the Pain of a Lover's Betrayal
6/20/21 Look Death In the Eyes
6/27/21 Celestial Creature, Smeared Reputation
7/4/21 The Great Beast Arrives
7/11/21 Footsteps Swallowed By the Sea
7/18/21 An Oracle, A Goddess, A Woman
7/25/21 All Cold and Despair
8/1/21 Born From Evil and Ice
8/8/21 The World Sinks Under His Tears
8/15/21 Sometimes Evil, Sometime Just Naughty
8/22/21 Forever Guarding the Seas
8/29/21 Stinks That Kill
9/5/21 The Maker of Rivers
9/12/21 From the Realm of the Impossible
9/19/21 Gods Will Be Gods...
9/26/21 Forever Hungry-Forever full
10/3/21 Let Me Give You a Hand
10/10/21 Duality
10/17/21 Mother Protector
10/24/21 Come Winter...
10/31/21 As Vengeful As Their Own Fate
11/7/21 Little Eyes, Missing Nothing.
1/16/22 Dancing in the Storms
1/23/22 Ice and Frost
1/30/22 Masters of Rain and Wave
2/6/22 Two Ends, One Goal
3/8/22 A Stranglely Familiar Shape - Familiar And deadly.
3/22/22 Small and Mighty
4/5/22 As Green -And Deadly- As Envy Itself
4/19/22 Half a Body, Full Horror
5/3/22 Not So Different After All
5/17/22 A Guardian of the Afterlife
5/31/22 Furiously Undead
6/14/22 Thunderous Companion
6/28/22 Artificial "Intelligence"
7/12/22 Water Made Form
7/26/22 Twisted Tails
8/9/22 Wise But Shy
8/23/22 Wings of Wonder
9/6/22 Starvation
9/20/22 From the Deep
10/4/22 Horror On the Move, Albeit Slowly
10/18/22 Old and Grand
4/26/23 Their Weakness? Porridge
5/3/23 She is beauty and she’s death
5/10/23 The monster under the bed is gone. Its hand is not
5/17/23 Skilled in the art of magic
5/24/23 Looks like a dog, bites like a demon
5/31/23 A sick sense of humor
6/7/23 The Boogeyman is busy, but his cousins are coming
6/14/23 Sometimes, one alone is company enough
6/21/23 And they say Moms don’t matter…
6/28/23 She screamed, so someone had to die
7/5/23 Monster mommy needs a break
7/12/23 I’m too sexy for your blood
8/9/23 He'll Come In the Moonlight
8/16/23 The Hate Below the Surface
9/6/23 All Around Forever
9/20/23 Knights of the Underwater
10/4/23 As Good As Their Name
10/18/23 Beauty In Darkness
11/1/23 They Love to Run. Perhaps they Love Carrots, Too.
11/15/23 Evil from Paper
11/29/23 In the Deep of the Woods
12/13/23 Beautiful & Cruel Things Often Come in Tiny Little Packages
2/14/24 Born From War and Fear
2/28/24 A Taste of the Moon
3/13/24 Death Is Not Always the End...
3/27/24 Faces Without Eyes, Feet Without Ears
4/10/24 A Very Painful Beginning
4/24/24 Bad to the Bone
5/8/24 The Beast Has Committed No Crime (1)
5/8/24 The Beast Has Committed No Crime (2)
5/22/24 Death Comes Before the Pain
6/5/24 An Old Lover of Chaos
6/19/24 Big and Mostly Forgotten
7/3/24 Of Ancient Lineage (1)
7/3/24 Of Ancient Lineage (2)
7/17/24 When Anger Takes Shape
7/17/24 Guarding the Lost
7/31/24 The Odd Couple
8/14/24 Roots and Corpses
8/28/24 The Last Chimera