Lines in the Gravel
By Al Ainsworth + Walt Grayson (Foreword)
4/5/15 Lines in the Gravel: Foreword
4/6/15 Lines in the Gravel: Introduction
4/11/15 Meet the Family
4/12/15 That Darned Ol' Happy Man and His Samuncrium
4/18/15 We're a Competitive Lot
4/19/15 Wilagene: Bless Her Heart
4/25/15 Star Proper
4/26/15 A Black Welcome Mat and My Inheritance
5/2/15 Family Names, Southern Names
5/3/15 The Store (or the De-Flagpoling of Edward Bone)
5/9/15 How Granny Came to Be Called Granny
5/10/15 Ah and Ee (and the Tragic Convertible Accident That Took Their Lives)
5/22/15 Still Sittin' Here When I Get Back!
5/23/15 When Pop Came Down
5/24/15 Yucky Water and the Grumps
5/29/15 A Most Unusual Crop
5/30/15 One Thousand Laps Around the Carport
5/31/15 Goodies with Granny
6/5/15 Lines in the Gravel
6/6/15 Andy and the Book Satchel
6/7/15 Smokie, the Successful Chaser of Cars
6/12/15 Corn Flakes at Midnight
6/26/15 The Uninhibited Joy of a Romp in the Mud
6/27/15 Church Adventures
6/28/15 Teddy and the Hot Dog
7/3/15 Devil in the Ditch
7/4/15 Dad's Motorcycle and a Bet With the Preacher
7/5/15 Twenty-Five Red Christmas Ribbons (or Lines in the Gravel Revisited)
7/10/15 A Cup of Coffee With My Mama
7/11/15 Mama Bluebird
7/12/15 The Price of Boiled Peanuts
7/17/15 Gardenias and Perker
7/18/15 When Stacy Dilmore Pitched, We Had a Chance
7/19/15 Jock
7/24/15 The Howling Kid at the Baptist Church
7/25/15 Chubs, His Sidekick, and the Cornbread Incident
7/26/15 Cigarettes in the Teepee
7/31/15 The Little Dirt Basketball Court
8/1/15 Booger Red
8/2/15 The Time We Took Mama to 'Rasslin'
8/7/15 Up (to My Waist in) the Creek
8/8/15 Running from a Whoopin'
8/9/15 His Versus Hers
8/14/15 I Only Cheated Once
8/15/15 Lessons from Pop
8/16/15 Abercrombie Jumps on the Grill
8/21/15 Don't Ever Say You've Never
8/22/15 Status Symbol of Choice
8/23/15 A Near Tragedy
8/28/15 Building a Baseball Program from the Ground Up
8/29/15 Worst to First on the Cool Car Chart
8/30/15 Exception to the Brother Code
9/4/15 Prom and My Parents' Peculiar Habit
9/5/15 Doug Flutie and a Load of Firewood
9/6/15 Remembering Mike
9/7/15 Conclusion
9/8/15 Bonus Chapter: You Thought Like Parker's Dog
11/15/15 Bonus Chapter: The Time the School Bus Ate Big Randy Melton
5/20/16 Bonus Chapter: Chili Dogs on China