The everyday stories of Baggy Body and her gang.
By Penny Stone-Saunders
12/22/15 Stuck in a rut. Then, bang, everything changes.
12/24/15 Clever Bird decided Baggy's alien lump needed a name. Lawrence is born.
12/29/15 Time goes into slow motion if you're waiting for (what could be, very) bad news.
1/3/16 MRI scans. Easy-peasy. Unless that is, like Baggy, you are claustrophobic!
1/10/16 Baggy finds a second lump.
2/4/16 Some good news.
2/10/16 How to totally horrify a delivery man.
2/16/16 Finally it's operation day.
2/24/16 Baggy is home and ready for her second operation in a month.
3/3/16 Baggy has her second lot of surgery in a month.
3/9/16 Baggy could get used to being waited on hand and foot.
3/22/16 Playing board games when you're drunk and uber-competitive -"swervey" should be a word!
4/4/16 Out-and-about with Furry Mama for the first time.
4/19/16 Being terrified of going to bed at night was becoming a major issue for Baggy.
5/9/16 Ever cleaned your teeth with haemorrhoid cream? Baggy doesn't advise it!
5/18/16 There's nothing like Home Sweet Home.
5/23/16 Just when things seem to be getting much better!
6/7/16 Sometimes life can get a bit too much to cope with!
6/17/16 Baggy has another calamity!
6/30/16 Baggy goes back to fat Club!
8/3/16 Hormonal Hannah was bringing Baggy down.
8/21/16 Baggy's mental health took a turn for the worse.
9/9/16 Grotty Groom gets back in the saddle. (1)
9/19/16 The gang were finally back on track - or so it seemed.
11/16/16 Clever Bird realised that action was needed.
12/1/16 Baggy wasn't coping too well.
1/16/17 Life goes on, even when the menopause tries to put the gang on "hold".
1/18/17 Facing depression is not easy.