The Domesticated Poet
By Kerriann Curtis
2/2/18 The tip of the iceberg
2/7/18 Surprise!
2/28/18 Champion Feeler
3/21/18 Master Second-Guesser
3/28/18 The WORST PERSON (at my kid's school) (1)
3/28/18 The WORST PERSON (at my kid's school) (2)
4/12/18 Judging eyes and listening ears
5/9/18 Summer Schmummer
6/15/18 Get your rejections here!!
7/19/18 The talk
8/10/18 How am I supposed to Live Without You?????
9/11/18 Car Pool Catastrophe
11/19/18 Talent Expired
11/27/18 Extra Extra!!
12/19/18 Merry Christmas, you stink
2/4/19 Take that Monday!
3/1/19 Spring Break..WOOOOOOOOOO!
3/22/19 I was wrong
4/30/19 Back Down Memory Lane I go
6/20/19 I Lost My Spotlight, May I Borrow Yours?
7/31/19 Check Check Check
9/17/19 I got a feeling
10/11/19 Music Memory #1: The Outfield
10/30/19 Excuse me, I exist too remember?
12/13/19 Happy Friday the 13th!!
7/14/20 In a bit of a pickle
8/10/20 "I am the one thing in life I can control"
8/20/20 New (old) Poem!
8/31/20 We Are So Far Behind
12/4/20 Melt
2/11/22 Let's see if I remember how to do this
3/8/22 A Poem For Your Tuesday