My Life as a Rocket Scientist (and other lies I tell myself)
By C.A. Gallinger
4/10/19 Introduction 101
4/24/19 Phase One: Safe Mode; Activated
5/8/19 Phase Two: The Big "P"
5/22/19 Phase Three: Navigating Through Disaster
6/5/19 Phase Four: The Art of Knowing Nothing
6/19/19 Phase Five: It's Not All Rainbows and Unicorns
7/3/19 Phase Six: Me, Myself and the Voices Inside My Head
7/17/19 Phase Seven: (Insert Witty Title Here)
7/31/19 Phase Eight: The Slasher Effect
8/14/19 Phase Nine: The Barbie Doll Conundrum
8/28/19 Phase Ten: The Beauty of the Word No!
9/11/19 Phase Eleven: Depleted Nation
9/25/19 Phase Twelve: Fake It and You'll Make It
10/9/19 Phase Thirteen: The Dory Factor
10/23/19 Phase Fourteen: Seize the Moment?
11/6/19 Phase Fifteen: Who Needs Pants?
11/20/19 Phase Sixteen: Own Your Dull and Your Shine
12/11/19 Phase Seventeen: Gingerbread and Madness
1/15/20 Phase Eighteen: New Year, Same Me
2/26/20 Phase Nineteen: What's the Story Morning Glory?
3/18/20 Phase Twenty: Apocalypse Right Now. No Really.
4/29/20 Phase Twenty-One: The Struggle Is Real
5/27/20 Phase Twenty-Two: I Don't Know Either
6/18/20 Phase Twenty-Three: A Little Bit of This. A Whole Lot of That.
7/22/20 Phase Twenty-Four: The Apocalypse Cometh
8/27/20 Phase Twenty-Five: Where Is My Mind?