you are a place where light longs to be
By Sophia Miller
1/1/21 dedication
1/15/21 kind of running // (the day Tom Petty died)
1/29/21 Raise A Glass
2/12/21 and then!
2/26/21 chime (not clockwork but i’ll grab what i can)
3/12/21 this is what there is
3/26/21 flowers
4/2/21 like when dead poets tear out pages of textbooks
4/16/21 alternate phrasing
4/30/21 don’t panic
5/14/21 just a lot of feelings about stars
5/28/21 rosebuds and planets
6/11/21 hearts can be like racecars
6/25/21 mother
7/9/21 if one of us falls, we all fall together
7/23/21 the thoughts you think at night
8/6/21 good luck out there
8/20/21 what people don’t say
9/3/21 milky way
9/17/21 respire
10/1/21 we help you climb onto the roof
10/15/21 10/27
10/29/21 pt. i
11/12/21 pt. ii