Graveyards & Cornfields
By James F Miller II
4/4/20 The Bottom
4/16/20 The Hand Dealt
4/16/20 hiccups, blisters and burns
5/4/20 the revealing of meaning
5/16/20 An Abstract Impact Without A Diagnosis
6/12/20 magnetic naivity
6/18/20 Outside of the Confession Booth
7/4/20 In This Old, Voiceless House
7/4/20 Cocooned Rations
7/21/20 Eulogy
8/29/20 The Gallows of Curled Toes Nobody Knows
9/12/20 delving deeper down the hole
10/12/20 visions as truth, aspirations of bullshit
11/25/20 reaping what we sowed
11/25/20 broken ladders, bouncing dimes
12/15/20 self destructive demeaner
3/25/24 in a prison cell
4/17/24 pennies, nickels and dimes