Left Socks Fabells N' Tells
By Remson DeJoseph + Left Sock
10/18/17 The Flower and the Pilgrim
10/26/17 The King and the Fool
11/1/17 The Spartos and the Athans
11/15/17 The Man and the Tangerine
11/22/17 Tommy the Turkey
2/26/18 The Water and the Soda
3/12/18 The Smiley Face and the Frowny Face
3/26/18 Marco and Polo
4/9/18 The Guitar Player and the Piano Player
4/16/18 The Tragedy of Mr. Diddleberry
6/4/18 The Tale of WolfBae Part 1
6/11/18 The Tale of WolfBae Part 2