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Brandy Meetze posted:   

I am so excited. I made my first post! Does that make me a "writer" now?

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16 hours ago

Brandy Meetze commented on The Art Of Holding On Too Long|Aftertaste:
   "I loved this, raw and honest."
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21 hours ago

New Release by Anthony Simeone:
1 day ago

New Release by R. L. S. Hoff:
Hope Gardens--Chapter Fifty-Seven
1 day ago

New Release by Johannes Saca:
Chapter 13: The Lover
3 days ago

New Release by Murray Fuhrer:
A Pocketful of Hope
4 days ago

Debbie Pinkham posted:   

New chapters coming next week in my Amish series, "Lessons of the World."  I hope you'll subscribe and get to know these special characters.

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4 days ago

New Release by Grace Tierney:
Age is Just a Number
6 days ago

Debbie Pinkham posted:   

How many of you write out a rough draft of your work in longhand then type it on the computer and upload it or just do your rough draft on the computer?

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10 days ago

Tianna Mercier commented on Life With Poetry:
   "Purely delightful. Thank you."
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11 days ago

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14 days ago

Debbie Pinkham posted:   

Happy New Year to all!  Let's hope it's better than the last 2.

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14 days ago

Ibrahim Oga commented on Temperate Zone|Farewell 2021: This is the last poem in this series:
   "It's been an incredible ride. Thank you for writing the series."
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16 days ago

Peter Adamson posted:   

Creatures of the Valleys


Up and down the valley

It’s the same. In the streets and the shops

On the buses and at the stops -

The creatures of the valley.


Frightening sights on crutches or

In wheelchairs. Tattooed, 

Misshapen, bent, toothless, unshaven,

Ill-clothed, wild-eyed.


A shuffling, shaking, cigarette-puffing

Shoal of low income locals darting this way and that.

Ill-tempered voices cracked and thin but

Also fat and merry with mirth too.


Bursting out of nowhere and scattering

This swarm of fish like variety,

Up swims Dawson. Like a playful dolphin

Leaping and diving, disregarding.


An artist and joker is Dawson.

Sharp as a needle. An elbow in your ribs and a guffaw

At an inadvertent pun. And then we’re on to

Paintings and drawings and writings.

Amongst the minnows and sprats

The jellyfish and octopi, here is a creature

Of some different substance. Eager to

Share his joy in colour and paint.


So I’ve nicknamed him Daubson,  

Which I think he’d like. A colourful creature

Amongst the everyday.

A fellow creative in his hideaway.

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17 days ago

R. L. S. Hoff commented on The Librarian's Secret Diary|The Bluffer’s Guide to Reading:
   ":) Love when this comes out every week."
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19 days ago

Ibrahim Oga commented on Longing|Tired:
   "Delightful piece!"
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20 days ago

Debbie Pinkham posted:   

Merry Christmas to all!

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24 days ago