Mark J Diez began writing fiction in 1995, starting with the Tales of Malartú fantasy series of short stories and gamebooks. After several years focusing on fantasy adventure writing for video and board game worlds he migrated to action adventure and the Hannover series.

    His debut novel, The Hannover Game, is an innovative break from the usual indie author approaches. Drawing on his experience creating fantasy worlds, Diez has wrapped the novel in a lively online community and website. Readers are able to join one of the Hannover world's teams, complete puzzles, solve challenges and shift the Balance of Power in their favour.

    Despite this, the stories of the complex and rich world of Malartú surface again and demand to be written. In the first novel length outing, The Rise of Al'daer, Diez introduces the broad scope of Malartú and starts the reader onto a fantasy journey of action and adventure.

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