Anthony Simeone lives and writes in the shadow of the great city of Philadelphia. In addition to crafting fiction, he also speaks and blogs about his personal development program, Live the Hero. When he's not putting fingers to keyboard, Anthony spends his time with his wife and kids, or in the nearest forested area, or with his nose in a book. Sometimes all at once.

In addition to his work on Channillo, Anthony publishes fiction and non-fiction on his Wattpad page.

If you enjoy Anthony's work, please let him know, and spread the word to others! You can follow and connect with Anthony on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and his website, Live The Hero. You can also email him at

Location: Philadelphia, PA
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Channillo Series: Parchment & Pavement, Moon House, Mouths of the Dark, The Leeds Devil
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Twitter: @acsfiction
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