The Adventures of Seamus Tripp
By Jon Garett + Richard Walsh
9/6/15 Chapter One: Mushrooms from Cornwall
9/10/15 Chapter Two: Many Meetings
9/13/15 Chapter Three: Fay Diggers and Faerie Rings
9/17/15 Chapter Four: The Clergyman in the Manor
9/20/15 Chapter Five: Into the Glade
9/24/15 Chapter Six: Heroes and Villains
9/27/15 Chapter Seven: The Man in the Painting
10/1/15 Chapter Eight: The Fog Descends
10/4/15 Chapter Nine: Secrets Revealed
10/8/15 Chapter Ten: Back at the Shop & a Strange Invitation
10/11/15 Chapter Eleven: Breakfast and Cricket in Qairo
10/15/15 Chapter Twelve: A Trip to the Bazaar
10/18/15 Chapter Thirteen: Into the Desert
10/22/15 Chapter Fourteen: The Hilt of the Sword
10/25/15 Chapter Fifteen: The Curve of the Blade
10/29/15 Chapter Sixteen: On the Doorstep
11/1/15 Chapter Seventeen: Back into the Pyramid
11/5/15 Chapter Eighteen: Beacons, Dirigibles, and Mercenaries
11/8/15 Chapter Nineteen: Back At The Shop & a Telegram from the Ozarks
11/12/15 Chapter Twenty: Red Lion, Arkansas