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Maybe Later

And I Remembered
By R. M. Lenzi
11/15/15 Was I dead?
11/16/15 MIAMI: The day we met
11/18/15 MIAMI: "It's been lonely."
11/19/15 MIAMI: "Guys don't complicate things"
11/20/15 MIAMI: Tangled
11/21/15 MIAMI: Swimming
11/22/15 MIAMI: "Are you with another girl?"
11/25/15 MIAMI: "You're so brave"
11/26/15 MIAMI: "The least we can do is dance"
11/27/15 MIAMI: "Sometimes you just need to shut it off"
11/29/15 MIAMI: Through the sweet haze
11/30/15 MIAMI: Crashing
12/1/15 MIAMI: "Live the life"
12/3/15 MIAMI: Hurricane Casey
12/4/15 MIAMI: "Gimme Shelter"
12/5/15 MIAMI: I am turning into that girl
12/7/15 MIAMI: "Does he fight?"
12/8/15 MIAMI: A strange rite of passage
12/9/15 MIAMI: "I'm exhausted"
12/16/15 MIAMI: "Are you scared?"
12/17/15 MIAMI: "What are you doing?"
12/18/15 MIAMI: "I'm not cleaning that up."
12/19/15 MIAMI: "This might be something big."
12/27/15 CHICAGO: The letter
12/28/15 CHICAGO: Gordon
12/28/15 CHICAGO: "I didn't want you to see this"
12/30/15 CHICAGO: "What was it like?"
1/1/16 CHICAGO: "Why don't you just take down that picture?"
1/3/16 CHICAGO: "I'll be right over, okay?"
1/3/16 CHICAGO: "Is it like a guy's fantasy?"
1/4/16 CHICAGO: Liquid courage
1/7/16 CHICAGO: "He doesn't care. Let's go."
1/8/16 CHICAGO: "... in March? In Miami?"
1/9/16 CHICAGO: "A little bird told me"
1/12/16 CHICAGO: "Arm candy?"
1/14/16 CHICAGO: "Elisabeth."
1/15/16 CHICAGO: "I'm okay with being invisible."
1/15/16 CHICAGO: Daydream
1/19/16 CHICAGO: "Are you seeing anyone?"
1/20/16 CHICAGO: "But I saw him"
1/20/16 CHICAGO: Sept. 11
1/25/16 CHICAGO: "Some things are only temporary"
1/26/16 CHICAGO: "One reason"
1/27/16 CHICAGO: "Drop it!"
1/30/16 CHICAGO: "And what is it about choices, anyways?"
1/31/16 CHICAGO: Christmas
2/1/16 CHICAGO: "... still processing it"
2/8/16 GORDON
2/12/16 PITTSBURGH: Was I dead?
2/12/16 PITTSBURGH: Journals
2/15/16 PITTSBURGH: Louie (1)
2/15/16 PITTSBURGH: Louie (2)
2/15/16 PITTSBURGH: "You didn't deserve all of that"
2/19/16 PITTSBURGH: Boxes of things and memories (1)
2/19/16 PITTSBURGH: Boxes of things and memories (2)
2/19/16 PITTSBURGH: "It's me. It's Elisabeth."
2/22/16 PITTSBURGH: "Is it like this at other women’s colleges?"
2/22/16 PITTSBURGH: Girl politics
2/22/16 PITTSBURGH: Girl politics
2/23/16 PITTSBURGH: Jacob (1)
2/23/16 PITTSBURGH: Jacob (2)
2/26/16 PITTSBURGH: "The sunscreen song?"
2/26/16 PITTSBURGH: "How'd you find me?" (1)
2/26/16 PITTSBURGH: "How'd you find me?" (2)
2/29/16 PITTSBURGH: Smith
2/29/16 PITTSBURGH: "Class is done. I'm done."
3/7/16 SANTA MONICA: Submissions and rejections
3/8/16 SANTA MONICA: "You need closure"
3/11/16 SANTA MONICA: "We're here now."
3/12/16 SANTA MONICA: "Maybe it's time." (1)
3/12/16 SANTA MONICA: "Maybe it's time." (2)
3/12/16 SANTA MONICA: "Maybe it's time." (3)