Melissa (Mel) Algood is a proud Navy Brat who’s moved over twelve times in her life.  While in attending high school in Annapolis she wrote a poem a day and became highly involved in the literary magazine.  Later she wrote stories for her college’s paper.

Her first YA novel ‘Everything That Counts’ is the first she’s self-publishing, through Mad Girl’s Publishing, which is out now.  The story of Blake Morgan spending his final year of high school trying to be cool is very close to Mel’s heart, not only because it’s set in her hometown of Annapolis, but because she feels it’s a strong message for young adults.

  Mel along with Chantell Renee compiled a collection of 21 horror pieces by 7 Texas authors and published ‘Hair Raising Tales of Horror’.  Next year they’ll team up again to publish ‘Hair Raising Tales of Villainous Confessions’ from Mad Girl’s Publishing.  She penned the spy thriller ‘Blood On The Potomac’, which she wrote while binge watching Lost, was originally published in 2016, but will be re-released in 2019.

Mel has won an Honorable Mention for her flash fiction piece ‘Thomas’ from Spider Road Press in 2015, but took home third place in 2016 for her flash fiction piece ‘Blanquita’.  Her horror story ‘Hair Dying’ was a finalist in The 2015 Channillo Short Story Contest, both ‘Reunion’ and ‘The Trail’ were finalists in and in The 2017 Channillo Short Story Contest, and 2016 The Alliance of YA Authors awarded her dystopian piece ‘The End’.

She now earns a living as a hairstylist and resides with her long-term boyfriend and their tuxedo cat Madame Bijou.

She’s addicted to Twitter so follow her @melalgood , check out her blog  and like her on facebook

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