The Hannover Game
By Mark J Diez

Tyler Wandschneider      1/30/16 5:13 PM

Hey Mark, I'm really digging the story so far. You've really put a lot of time into this already and it shows. You have a lot of characters going that I like and the world building is exquisite. Thanks for the effort so far in bringing this together, I can tell it's going to make The Rise of Al'daer so good!
Mark J Diez      2/06/16 4:44 PM
Thanks Tyler! Doing my best to make it a rich and interesting story, while adding in some fun items like the Lore chapters and the Cipher. Let's see where it goes :) Mark.

Mark J Diez      1/08/16 1:36 AM

The second part of the series is now LIVE . This is in fact the first section of Lore, told as a story like the novel but covering key elements of history, background, characters, etc. from the world. Hope you enjoy it!

Tyler Wandschneider      12/31/15 4:31 PM

I'm excited for the first release, Mark!
Mark J Diez      1/01/16 4:21 PM
Thanks Tyler! Looking forward to the writing and refining of the story over the coming weeks. Let's see if I can slip in something else too in the in-between weeks of publishing the story... just an idea at the moment but let's see!

Mark J Diez      12/11/15 4:52 PM

Hey Channillo Readers, Thanks for taking an interest in this series. As an author of an current-times action adventure, The Hannover Game, I'm very excited to be writing more about my fantasy world of MalartĂș. Be sure to subscribe to the series and let me know your thoughts on anything that comes to mind. See you in that world and this. Mark.