The Blue Son by JF Garrard (August 2020 Winner)
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“Argh! Please help me!”

The ear shattering savage shouts of a man’s desperate plea for help filled the air before the sounds of bones breaking and snapping occurred. Then silence settled into the darkness.

Cammy stared out at the distant lights on the horizon of the harbor and sipped on her tea delicately as if it were in china and not a standard coffee shop paper cup with one pinky finger in the air. Wisps of shoulder length curly brown hair framed her cold eyes sunken into an expressionless face. Black leather gloves lay beside her on the bench which was covered with graffiti and gum. The wind ruffled her black lace dress and blew down the lace on top of her hat, covering her face. Her companion, a flickering street lamp, shone down on her, while moving slightly in the boister...

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Table of Contents

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