Debbie Cunningham is the real name behind the pen name, Debbie Pinkham.  Pinkham is the middle name of my beloved, idolized, late grandpa, and I always promised herself, that if I got a chance to write on a professional level, I'd use his middle name, as my pen name.  Someday, I hope to own my own publishing company, Furry Kids Publishing. 

     When I'm not writing, my life revolves around God, church, my husband, Lee, our dog, Sable, or "Bubba" as I call him, cooking, Orioles baseball, Redskins football, West Virginia Mountaineers football, and NASCAR.

     My stories are dedicated to Senator John Mc Cain, who was one of a kind and was never afraid to be different, even when faced with opposition.  He stuck to his convictions, and sometimes that made him unpopular.  But, he loved this country like few else have, and showed us all how to do it.  He had grace, dignity, and spunk, and didn't let a death sentence slow him down much.  He was a true American hero.

     I also dedicate my stories to Michael Landon, who, as a man, was never afraid to write his real feelings and never afraid to show those feelings on screen, even crying on screen.  He showed me, growing up watching him on tv, that only real men cry and feel their feelings honestly.  He was also an amazing writer, and I write because he taught me how to do it, and to do it with emotion.  I've loved him all my life and always will.

     Thank you, too, to Kara, for this platform so I can share my stories with others, and the whole Channillo family, for reading my stories and making me feel accepted where I never have been for my life.  I've always looked different than everyone else, and felt that way, too.  Here, I don't.  I just feel like everyone else, accepted.

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Poems and prose from my heart and my life.

Category/Genre(s): Poetry
Updated: Weekly

     Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, right?  Well, almost everyone. 

     They call me "Miss Exclusive."  People just seem to want to tell me their stories, and I print them in my newspaper column of the same name.  I've talked to some really interesting and amazing people, and you never know who's going to come out of the woodwork to tell me their story...or when the story will tell itself.

Category/Genre(s): , Short Stories
Updated: Quarterly

I have always been one to write things down so I won't forget them.  The same goes for memories.  As time passes, we forget so much of our lives, especially with those we are close to and love.  So, I decided to put those memories to paper, and someday, when I do forget, it will be written down.  I can revisit those times and somehow be with that person again for a little while.

Category/Genre(s): , Journal Entries, Nonfiction
Updated: Quarterly

My name's Clementine Calvin.  Clem for short.  I took over for Kailey Mumm as the "Miss Exclusive" reporter at the newspaper. 

You never know who's going to contact me and want to come out from behind their dark curtains.  I get called for story exclusives no one else does.  I consider it a privilege.  These are my stories.  Dun dun.

Category/Genre(s): Short Stories, Adult Fiction
Updated: Every Other Week

     Christine's present family has come home for a funeral. 

      Later, even though they have heard the story before, many times, they beg her to tell it all again.  An old woman now, herself, Christine's memories come flooding back to her, and she begins to tell them a grand, and true, story, her life story.

     Starting out in 1893, Oklahoma, young Christine's family is there to stake their claim on 160 acres of land, in the upcoming land race. 

     Even before the race, she meets a young Ryan, who also wants his 160 acres, and has a dream. 

     But, the race for the land is only part of it.  There are houses and barns to build, land to clear, crops to plant and make sure they grow and are harvested, and lives to live. 

     Christine's family is only the first to live on the land. 

     This sprawling novel, follows several generations, living on the vast Oklahoma prairie, Christine's family started.  Their joys, and sorrows, along the way, through the years, tell of life's struggles to start from nothing to make something, and that even big dreams, the biggest ones, can come true.

Category/Genre(s): Historical Fiction
Updated: Quarterly

I've been newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which I call "The Intruder," and am trying to come back to God.  Join me on my journey through pain, understanding, clarity, and maybe, some answers, but definitely a time of self-discovery for me...and maybe you, too.  

Category/Genre(s): Journal Entries, Nonfiction
Updated: Quarterly

Never mind about the rowing, rowing, rowing of your boat gently down some stream.  What if life is but a dream? 

This is not your typical autobio.  Wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...

Category/Genre(s): Nonfiction, Journal Entries
Updated: Quarterly

Lila half asks, half insists, her newly pregnant daughter come over to assist her in planting her annual flower garden.  Abby doesn't particularly want to go.  On top of her morning sickness, she's not in the mood to deal with her emotionally distant mother and dig in black soil for the day.  Reluctantly, and going against her better judgement, she goes on over to help.  It's amazing what comes out while planting a garden together.

Category/Genre(s): Adult Fiction, Short Stories
Updated: All At Once

     Let me start out by saying, it’s not selfish to want this time.  You must want this time to connect with God in a deeper way, or you would not be reading this book.

     I’ve done these at-home retreats for several years, and they just keep getting better and better, more productive, and richer.  God has done some pretty amazing stuff in my life through these solitary times with Him.  He has set me free from a lot, and broken long-held strongholds in my life.  All from these whole, long, blessed days of one-on-one time with Him.  I want to share my “secrets” of getting ready for one with you.  They’re simple and easy to do.  They take a little time, but the results are amazingly and awesomely worth it.  You will see God move on your behalf in such miraculous ways, if you are faithful to put the time into it.  To get closer to God, and be totally alone with Him, a few days taken out of your life for an at-home retreat, at least once a year, are so precious and sweet that you will be doing them more than once a year.  So, let’s get ready for an adventure…an at-home retreat.


Category/Genre(s): Nonfiction
Updated: Other

     A sadistic madman has taken over a daycare.

     In one classroom, a single mom, wounded, goes into labor, so afraid her baby will be born before the police can rescue them.  Then, the gunman will know she, and her precious, unborn child, are alive.  In hard labor, she is trying to be as still, and as quiet, as she can be.

     Another teacher, who has ties to the gunman, hopes, and prays, she can talk him down before he hurts anyone else, especially their son, also in the daycare.  

     The last other surviving adult, a fellow teacher, is held hostage with the rest of the surviving children, in the common room, holding out hope she, and the children, will survive, with no more bloodshed.

     As the small, close-knit town hears of all this, parents, family, and friends gather outside, with police, and SWAT teams, to pray, and comfort each other, wondering, and hoping their loved ones are not among the dead inside.   

Category/Genre(s): Mystery/Thriller, Adult Fiction, Horror
Updated: Quarterly