Debbie Cunningham is the real name behind the pen name, Debbie Pinkham.  Pinkham is the middle name of my beloved, idolized, late grandpa, and I always promised myself, that if I got a chance to write on a professional level, I'd use his middle name, as my pen name.  Someday, I hope to own my own publishing company, Furry Kids Publishing. 

     When I'm not writing, my life revolves around God, church, my husband, Lee, our dog, Sable, or "Bubba" as I call him, cooking, Orioles baseball, Redskins football, West Virginia Mountaineers football, and NASCAR.

    I dedicate my stories to Michael Landon, who, as a man, was never afraid to write his real feelings and never afraid to show those feelings on screen, even crying on screen.  He showed me, growing up watching him on tv, that only real men cry and feel their feelings honestly.  He was also an amazing writer, and I write because he taught me how to do it, and to do it with emotion.  I've loved him all my life and always will.

     Thank you, too, to Kara, for this platform so I can share my stories with others, and the whole Channillo family, for reading my stories and making me feel accepted where I never have been for my life.  I've always looked different than everyone else, and felt that way, too.  Here, I don't.  I just feel like everyone else, accepted.

     Also, all these stories are dedicated to Carl (4-13-65---2-17-19).  You will always and forever be in my heart.  I love you and miss you more than words can ever say.  Rest in peace.

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