First, I want to thank the Lord for allowing me to pursue my dream of writing.  No matter how many jobs I've had, this is the one I've wanted to do all my life, and He's finally allowing me to do it.  His timing is always perfect.  I dedicate my writings to You first and foremost, Lord.

     Thank you to all my readers who take the time to crawl into my fiction imagination and get to know my characters who become my family.

     Thank you, Kara, for this platform so I can share my stories with others, and the whole Channillo family, for reading my stories and making me feel accepted where I never have been for my life.  I've always looked different than everyone else, and felt that way, too.  Here, I don't.  I just feel like everyone else, accepted.

     All my writing is dedicated to Carl (4-13-65--2-17-19).  You will always and forever be in my heart.  I love you and miss you more than words can ever say.  Hug our furry babies for me and tell Sadie to share the toys.  Rest in peace.

     Also, all my writing is dedicated to my mom, Evelyn Hodge, (10-6-40--1-24-21) who was the REAL poetess in our family.  She could rhyme at the drop of a hat and I have years and years of birthday cards to prove it.  She missed her calling of writing for Hallmark.  Rest in peace, Mom.  I miss you lots.

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