What If It Is Just a Dream?
By Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons + aka Christa-Ann Faith Godsdaughter
3/28/15 Introduction
3/30/15 Let's Get Personal: Motherhood Probably Affected Me The Most
4/4/15 What If: Jesus Did Not Die?
4/13/15 On The Wild Side: Why Congregate?
4/30/15 Let’s Get Personal: Suburbia Girl Goes Country
5/16/15 What If: God Really Is?
10/31/15 On the Wild Side: How Can Everything Become New?
11/4/15 Lets Get Personal: When Hate Meets Hate
2/7/16 What If Jesus Is the Only One That God, The Omega Father Ever Witnessed?
2/7/16 On the Wild Side: Let Go, Let God, Give Up Your Claim To Life
6/27/20 I Have Been Gone A While
7/1/20 I Have Peace With My Right Hand Firmly In the Lord’s, Standing With Him In the Atonement (AT-One-Meant)
7/4/20 Independence
7/25/20 What We Call Life Is Just A Story Within A Story
8/4/20 Reflections Is A Universal Reading That I Started Over A Year Ago
8/5/20 If I Could Save The World
8/7/20 Urtext of ACIM; How to Use Detachment to Our Benefit
8/27/20 What My Writing Means To Me
9/7/20 Sometimes a Hero Faces a Lot of Challenges and Forges Ahead
9/12/20 When We Stand Back We Might Get a Different Take On Things
10/13/20 Is the Place That NDE'ers Go to Heaven?