The Cynthia Chronicles
By Cynthia Frazier Buck

Lloyd A. Green      5/20/16 3:52 PM

Sarah. I've gotten up to the tenth installment of your chronicles. After reading your first story, I was hooked. Life will always have its tensions and people will always be ridiculous. Thank you for taking the time to document the warm and the calm times. We all go through the simple strife of life and many think that the "drama" is what makes life memorable. Thank you for proving otherwise. Looking forward to reading more.

Sarah Warman      12/11/15 2:46 PM

I am enjoying your series, especially your latest, "Unplugged". I have to really think about the way I use technology and how I feel so attached to it at times. I also use social media a lot more than I ever expected. Sometimes using it makes me feel worse. But on the flip side I share most of my writing through it. I suppose we will all just have to learn how to manage it. It's certainly not going away!
Cynthia Frazier Buck      1/09/16 8:03 PM
Thanks, Sarah! Glad you could relate. You're right, its not going anywhere (which I'm glad of), but like most other things, you have to find a good balance. One that works for you! Thanks for reading!

Kara Monterey      10/18/15 6:13 AM

Loved the 'Just Dance' post. Great advice! :)
Cynthia Frazier Buck      10/21/15 9:35 PM
Thanks so much, Kara! Thanks for reading!

Darcie Cameron      6/04/15 9:45 PM

Cynthia shares simple joys with a charming voice! The Cynthia Chronicles is a delight to read with a warm cup of coffee.
Cynthia Frazier Buck      6/06/15 12:49 AM
Thank you so much Darcie! Very sweet of you!