Searching For Cereus
By Kara Monterey

Daniel G Dreamer      8/03/16 6:09 PM

"What is the worst kind of loneliness?" Maybe the best minimalistically written, understandably abstract, and heartbreaking poem I've ever read. Just truthfully hitting the nail on the head and it resonates with the soul. That poem is how I feel every day, like the something that we all miss can't be found anywhere in the present. Like it is a divine longing for the design of the Universe. "Where she's not real" Just completely honest, tender, and expressive in ways many authors couldn't hope to live up to. There is something thoroughly striking about this style. Not provocative at all, simply because it's gut wrenching words soaked with eccentric amounts of emotion speak for themselves. Leaving me lingering in disbelief. I will not admit to shedding a tear after just a few of these poems, but Im not afraid to hint at it.

Devan Burton      7/22/16 7:21 PM

Kara Monterey, I am greatly enjoying your series. You possess the gift of articulating emotions which is not easy to do in poetry. You have a talent and I hope you will continue to bless the world with your poetry. I also hope to read more of your poems in the near future.

Randall Krzak      6/01/16 10:35 PM

Just completed the nine poems. Very thought provoking and in some aspects I sense your pain in your words. Every poem was well written and evoked a variety of emotions. Well done and look forward to reading more. (and I'm not normally a poetry reader.:) )
Kara Monterey      6/01/16 10:37 PM
Thank you!

Lloyd A. Green      5/15/16 7:41 PM

I've just finished reading your poetry. As soon as I read the first, "The Saddest Thing," I wanted to send you a comment on how deeply it moved me. Instead, I quickly contacted my daughter (who is going through some things) and shared it with her. Her exact response was, "Thank you for the poem. It was beautiful." I read the rest of your poetry and I sincerely wish there was more. As one who has felt the pain of loss as you have, I can identify. I am looking forward to the next set. Great work.
Kara Monterey      5/17/16 1:49 PM
Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing my poetry with others.

Dan Fecht      4/19/16 3:16 AM

I just read these poems back to back all the way through. Powerful way to do it. It plays out like an album from a heartbroken artist. The loss, the progression, the acceptance and the great wonder. What's beautiful about poetry is how it's straight emotion at that point in time when you put it to paper. I'd be curious to see what your next collection of poems might look like. Great job!
liberonova      1/28/17 2:39 PM
I am curious too Kara, I agree with Dan.

Kara Monterey      4/20/16 9:34 PM
Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I'm currently working on a new poetry series that I hope to publish on Channillo in a few months. :)

Carol Anne Shaw      11/09/15 5:08 AM

"I Haven't Lost You Yet" - AHH! Loved it.

Stephanie Carlisi      10/17/15 7:34 AM

I feel "Where She's Not Real" so much that it is uncomfortable and makes me want to say, "I'm sorry for your pain."
liberonova      1/28/17 2:38 PM
The poem is realy touching indeed, it touched me in a good way. It is so sweet that somebody who feels bad and has been hurt, writes about it in this way, so vulnerable.

Stephanie Carlisi      10/17/15 7:29 AM

Every piece in your collection is gorgeous. The way one pulls me to the next with such poignancy. And, each line asks to be read more than once. I think I am rarely touched like this by poetry. wow. I'm so glad I just took the time to read these.
Kara Monterey      10/17/15 3:20 PM
I'm so happy that you were touched by my poetry. Thank you for your kind words.

Holly Tellander      7/20/15 3:34 PM

Keep the poetry coming!!

Holly Tellander      7/20/15 3:31 PM

I love love love "The Saddest Thing"... just wanted you to know. <3