Chrysalis and Clan
By Jae Mazer

Serena Gulledge      9/25/16 3:31 AM

Horror of this sort is generally not my cup of tea, but I really like the turn of phrases in this. Very evocative.

Jenifer Higgins      7/27/16 6:23 PM

This series is incredible! "Skin, tendon, and the top of her spine swayed gently in the breeze from the ceiling fan, tangling her greasy hair in the splintered bone on the base of her skull." I love the juxtaposition of gruesome and calming. This body is violently torn apart but then sways "gently in the breeze". It's brilliant! The opposite qualities create a beautiful tension. I'm loving this story. It's fast paced and wonderfully written. It's very creepy and gory. Great use of sensory detail! Lots of five senses going on. I love this story :)
Jae Mazer      7/28/16 3:35 AM
*blushes* Thank you so much for your kind words! I love to read horror, and I love horror movies, so I figured I could spin a good horror tale or two. I'm glad you are enjoying it!

Briana Bryon      7/22/16 12:28 PM

This is bloody scary! I will probably never sleep again. Up to chapter 5, must keep going. Can I read it in mute or fast forward so I don't spend the rest of my life terrified?
Jae Mazer      7/23/16 12:22 PM
Thanks! Glad it's having the desired effect. I love horror myself, so I'm pleased when I can give someone else chills.

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 3:28 PM


Jeff Stone      4/14/16 7:21 AM

Among the grisly scenes that are sometimes hard to purge (because even writers have to sleep!), there are lines that have noteworthy literary merit. From a lover of great lit and even purple prose like Updike was so fond of writing, it's a rare compliment. I'm looking forward to reading more, Jae!

charmaine wilton      4/12/16 4:56 PM

Every chapter I have images flashing in my head. I could illustrate this from start to finish!!

Kat Rivers      3/25/16 2:43 PM

Chilling stuff - you've turned my stomach but I'm unable to look away. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Hannah Sandoval      3/09/16 12:10 AM

First chapter flipped my stomach and slapped me in the face. Don't worry, that's a compliment.

Tyler Wandschneider      1/30/16 10:40 PM

Whoa! Okay, I'm ready to keep reading this! Great opening chapter Jae, I'm very excited to know you can shock me and it's hard to do. Cheers my friend.

Carol Anne Shaw      1/15/16 10:22 PM

So strangely chilling and gruesome, yet poignant and believable. Good stuff.

Carol Anne Shaw      1/15/16 10:13 PM

LOVE the opening chapter! Welcome to Channillo!
Jae Mazer      1/16/16 6:09 PM
Thank you Carol! I'm very excited to be a part of this. I can't wait to read your work!