By Serena Gulledge

Angel Davis      9/19/16 11:19 PM

It is said you should write what you know. Serena, you surely must know about excellence in literature/prose. It reflects in the details of your work. I am truly enjoying this well written, tightly crafted story, loaded with incredible imagery and great characters! I had to make myself stop reading to get some work done. It is wonderful! Cheers. Angel Davis (Author of Thrive! Write Into The Pain & Raven Mocker: The Cherokee Night Goer)
Serena Gulledge      9/20/16 1:48 PM
Wow! Your compliment made me blush. :) Thank you so much! I am truly grateful.

Lloyd A. Green      9/14/16 9:35 PM

I've just finished reading your available chapters and all I can say is "Wow!" I could not stop reading until I reached the end. Great character development. Looking very forward to reading more.
Serena Gulledge      9/16/16 2:09 AM
Thanks so much! :)