Competitive Ailments
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It’s sad when you get to an age where you start comparing your aches and pains to those of others, and you try to one-up each other. Like a game of poker, you see someone’s call and raise them. I’ll see your appendix and raise you a gall bladder. I’ll see your throat and raise you an esophagus. I’ll see your hip and raise you a colon. I’ll see your knee and raise you a uterus.


Aging isn’t fun. For me, it felt like I hit 80 when I turned 44. It was like an alarm clock went off. Various body systems all went haywire at the same time. In a matter of twelve months starting on Thanksgiving 2014 when I landed myself in the ER, I had four unexpected and unrelated operations. And the fall out still continues two years later in 2016.  


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Table of Contents

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