Lockheed Elite
By Tyler Wandschneider

Kay Gardner      2/03/17 12:22 PM

argh! talk about edge-of-your-seat..
Tyler Wandschneider      2/03/17 1:32 PM
Thanks Kay! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Kay Gardner      11/28/16 12:17 PM


Lloyd A. Green      6/01/16 4:15 AM

Just finished chapter one and I'm already intrigued. Great character descriptions. Looking forward to the next chapter but I had to let you know that you have a new fan. Lloyd
Tyler Wandschneider      6/01/16 5:24 AM
Wow! So rad and so encouraging! Thanks for saying so Lloyd!

Dan Fecht      4/18/16 3:18 AM

Tyler- Within the first chapter I found an all new appreciation for your genre. I'm there, you made it real. That's how I felt. Your entertainment value is also highly re-readable. I will be carrying on with your story. High five.
Tyler Wandschneider      4/18/16 3:50 AM
Awesome, Dan! High five back. I'm thrilled to help bring you back to this genre, what a cool thing to be a part of.

Jeff Stone      4/13/16 4:39 AM

Tyler, In Chapter One you effectively introduced some early action and developed strong characters. You also provided some good descriptions. At the end of the chapter, I have a clear picture of the setting and want to know what happens next. Kudos! Have you heard of the writers' coop IACP/Co-oPress? I'm just now learning about it, but it sounds exciting so far—especially given the uncertain future of the industry. I look forward to reading more of your work and corresponding further. Happy writing and best regards! Jeff
Tyler Wandschneider      4/18/16 3:49 AM
Jeff, thank you for your compliments! It's always encouraging to hear these things so thanks for taking the time to write me here and for your email as well.

Jae Mazer      2/01/16 5:40 PM

Okay. So I loooove sci-fi; the classics like Bradbury and the new kids on the block like Weir. This series and this author will not disappoint soft and hard fans of the genre. Even those who have never delved into the world of sci-fi before will find this series entertaining, emotional, and exciting. Lockheed Elite gripped me right from the first word for two reasons: deep and believable characters,and subtle but edge of your seat action. I have so much to do, but I can't stop reading this series! It led me to check out an excerpt from Pandora's Chase, this author's upcoming novel, and I am completely hooked there as well. Tyler, I think you will walk amongst the sci-fi giants very soon. Looking forward to reading more from you!
Tyler Wandschneider      2/01/16 5:50 PM
Wow, I am speechless Jae! A huge compliment from such a talented author yourself! I'm so encouraged by your words that I shall read them often!

Carol Anne Shaw      1/18/16 2:25 AM

Hey, Tyler. Really enjoying this. You have a gift for dialogue, that's for sure. Look forward to the next chapter.
Tyler Wandschneider      1/18/16 8:15 PM
Thank you very much! That's so encouraging and helps me keep at it!

Kay Gardner      1/04/16 6:24 PM

ack! nothing like a cliffhanger ;)
Tyler Wandschneider      1/04/16 7:57 PM
I know, I'm sorry! This isn't really the place for cliffhangers since you wait a month for the next chapter. It's running 6000 words already so I was kind of forced into it!

Tom Haswell      12/29/15 7:33 AM

First chapter down, and loving the story so far! Solid characterization in the crew, and Anders demonstrates from page one that we plays close to the chest and will lie to get things done. Can't help but read his lines in Nathan Fillion's voice for some reason... Looking forward to more!
Tyler Wandschneider      12/29/15 4:27 PM
Thanks Tom! Oh man, I love Firefly! That series definitely holds some inspiration here but I'm working really hard to make it my own story, as you will see in the coming chapters. I have some interesting debacles lined up for this crew. I do really appreciate your excitement for the story. I'm loving writing this series and your comment encourages me to keep going. This story is exciting and I'm hopeful to lay the down the words correctly to make it a lot of fun for you guys! Thanks!

Kay Gardner      12/15/15 3:57 PM

thrilled and not-thrilled? oh, do tell.. (not rushing, just showing interest) ;)
Tyler Wandschneider      12/15/15 5:24 PM due time my friend.

Mark J Diez      12/07/15 6:28 PM

Hi Tyler, Just finished reading to chapter 2 - great start to the story. Really enjoying the idea of the story so far and mixing in a strong female character. Wondering what's in the Destroyer! I know it's good to stick to the publishing schedule but hey, it's ready when it's ready :) Mark.
Tyler Wandschneider      12/07/15 8:56 PM
Thanks Mark! Glad you're enjoying this so far. I too dig Severn and her strong role here and I'm pumped to explore a character like her.

Kay Gardner      12/07/15 6:00 PM

yup, still here, and still reading :) keep at it.. i like the story and the characters (of course i'm hoping the crew can gel with their new member), and i'm looking forward to what they find in the salvage ship.
Tyler Wandschneider      12/07/15 8:59 PM
Thanks for the encouragement! I'm really excited that you're liking the story and characters. As far as Severn gelling with her new crew members...hmm...this should be interesting then... ;) You might be simultaneously thrilled and not. lol

Kay Gardner      11/06/15 4:49 PM

enjoying this :)
Tyler Wandschneider      11/11/15 8:07 PM
Thank you Kay! That is very encouraging. I should have the next chapter up at the end of the month. Thank you for reading!