Chaotic Love.
By Daniel G Powell + Daniel G Dreamer + Dreamer

Daniel G Dreamer      8/02/16 5:12 PM

Sandra. I would be honored if you used my analysis of your work.

Sandra Robinson      8/02/16 4:40 PM

Hi Daniel, I am trying to promote my series. May I use your comment on the list of reviews?

Sandra Robinson      7/16/16 1:51 PM

Daniel, Your response was even beautiful and poetic! I admire you!

Sandra Robinson      6/23/16 3:01 PM

Lovely. I can feel your emotion through your writing.
Daniel Powell      6/25/16 2:01 PM
Thank you Sandra! Poetry is a beautiful conveyor of emotion through language. It is a vehicle transporting us to peace of mind. I'm always immensely enthused when my poems resonate with someone. The art form has always been a shared communication between the reader and poet about everything that hurts us, or makes us feel inexplicably lost as humans in this ephemeral world of undpredictability. -daniel g powell