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By Christopher Waltz
8/9/15 HELLBOUND: The Garden of Eatin' Diner
8/23/15 HELLBOUND: The Truth About Ms. Harlow
9/6/15 HELLBOUND: Thank God for Nan Ferguson
9/20/15 HELLBOUND: Black Coffee & a Side of Prophecy
10/4/15 HELLBOUND: Toast-Jesus & Mother Cinnabun
10/18/15 HELLBOUND: Whoredoms of Jess
11/8/15 HELLBOUND: Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin
11/29/15 HELLBOUND: The Morning After
12/13/15 HELLBOUND: Two Hostage Situations, And One Lived
12/27/15 HELLBOUND: The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
1/10/16 HELLBOUND: The Bitter Truth
2/7/16 HELLBOUND: Cometh the Gluttons
2/21/16 HELLBOUND: Bow to MoOS
3/6/16 HELLBOUND: The Only Good Thing We've Ever Done
3/21/16 HELLBOUND: The Coming of Flynn Preston III
4/3/16 HELLBOUND: Judas'd
4/17/16 HELLBOUND: The Two Outlaws of Ezekiel, Indiana
5/8/16 HELLBOUND: Talkin' With Flynn
5/22/16 HELLBOUND: Not Quite God
6/5/16 HELLBOUND: All's Well That Ends Well
1/12/17 HELLION: Introduction & Prologue
1/23/17 HELLION: The St. Dunstan Code of (Mis)Conduct
2/6/17 HELLION: The Unbelievable Yet Equally Tragic Death of Professor Dick Benson
2/20/17 HELLION: Football, Corn, & Other Things People From Indiana Hold Dear
3/6/17 HELLION: Thunk! Snap! Splat!
3/20/17 HELLION: The Art of Breaking, Entering, & Magical Blindness