By Christopher Waltz

Victor Whyte      6/15/16 1:22 AM

Chapter six "Weak" not "week" and "Buy" not "But" Chapter nine "back and forth" not "back in forth" "took her hand away from her gun" not "took her hand away from his gun"

Victor Whyte      6/05/16 8:04 PM

Hi Do you want to know about the spelling mistakes in Chapters six and nine?
Christopher Waltz      6/07/16 1:02 AM
No! I hate missing mistakes, so feel free to send me what you found and I will fix it ASAP! Thanks!

Victor Whyte      4/10/16 7:14 PM

All I've read so far is your series info page which was enough to get me to subscribe. However I think you need to add the word "it" after the words, "hope to keep." I really like the light painting you used for your book cover. Did you do it yourself? I'm just getting into light painting. There are some incredible examples of light painting on You Tube.
Christopher Waltz      5/03/16 2:26 PM
Thanks for the information! I'll check it out and see if if a change is needed! Also, my sister is a graphic designer and does all of my covers. I'm not sure what she did to get the HELLBOUND cover, but I love it, too! Thanks again!

Christopher Waltz      8/12/15 2:02 AM

What would you guess to be your most prominent of the seven deadly sins and why?
Victor Whyte      5/08/16 9:24 PM
With is your most prominent sin?

Victor Whyte      5/08/16 9:23 PM
Lust. With all the attractive women in this city I find it difficult to avoid feelings of sexual desire. But I would like to add an eighth deadly sin which the Catholic church invented. That is GUILT over committing any of the seven deadly sins.