By Taylor Eaton

Rebekka      8/16/16 1:35 PM

I just read chapters 1-10 last night. The pace and mystery of this story is wonderful. The concept is very inventive and original. A truly fantastic read so far that I plan to share with all my readers, friends, and twitter followers.

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 3:27 PM


Taylor Eaton      7/06/15 3:13 PM

Thank you, Lori and Abel! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story! Can't wait for things to really pick up! ;)

Lori Minutoli      6/26/15 4:38 PM

Chapter 13 - the fasted one I've read so far... if this were a book I'd have read the whole thing by now. :) You really are a fabulous writer! I am so glad Beau suggested you. :)

Abel Ozuna      6/08/15 1:42 AM

Just subscribed and I'm already hooked! Keep up the amazing work!

Lori Minutoli      5/21/15 7:38 AM

Really enjoying your story.