Fine Lines and Ambiguities
By Naseem Jamnia
2/23/15 Intro: what is this, anyway?
3/13/15 Tights
3/17/15 Introduction to Gender
3/30/15 what i talk about when i talk about love
5/3/15 Homeland
5/15/15 If I Were A Boy: Part I
5/25/15 If I Were A Boy, Part II
6/1/15 If I Were A Boy: Part III
6/15/15 Origin Story, I
7/20/15 Brother
7/21/15 Wedding Officiant Speech
7/25/15 The Early Days
8/8/15 the day my grandmother died
8/21/15 To My Mother, Twenty-Four
9/28/15 Somebody I Used To Know