Reach - Daniel Tobias Behan
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I am space: 

the beginning  
of being.

What is my nature? 
My nature 
is of the sky - 
by day, broad 
and blue 
and sun-beamed - 

by night, dazzled 
by starshine 
and moon-ray
and unfolding 
cosmic wonder. 

I am space: 

the expansion 
of knowing.

I am 
of the sky 
in the sound of 
a songbird's call - 

the sky within 
your smile, 
and the softness 
of your touch - 
the sky inside 
a blade of grass - 

the sky within 
the bricks and concrete 
of cities and skyscrapers, 

villages and valleys, 
and the darkest dep...

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Table of Contents

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