My Writing Group Breaks For Summer - Daniel Tobias Behan
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I feel inspired to write.
I feel inspired to create.
I feel inspired to do.
This inspiration has been
a seed, which has been planted

in the fertile soil of 
this writing group,
and each week 
this soil has been
sprinkled generously, with
water of encouragement, and
fertilizer of dilligent practice.

My seed of inspiration has 
sprouted, growing into
an orange tree which now 
bears many juicy oranges.

I hope my orange tree
of inspiration will seed 
a luscious grove 
of various fruits -
apples of creativity,
cherries of excitement,

and zesty plum trees
of daring, and as 
each tree in my 
orchard of wonder
bears its fruit, I experience

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Table of Contents

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