After This - Daniel Tobias Behan
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After this 
I arose, 
from inaction -
my gilded fool's throne, of
indifferent dissatisfaction -

out, from vast chasms 
of perpetual personal 
detraction -

from landfills
of endless, 
distraction -

after this
I awoke from
slumber, of ages -
dereliction of urges -
the suppression of rages -

after this -
stepped into
the temple-ruin -
the desecration of lies -

sore sight, for 
these eyes:
sheep, in 

after this
tumbled, into
spiders webs,
and traps;

stumbled through
tangled undergrowth
of deceit, and 
personal attacks -

after this 
I drowned, 
in seas of indistinction
and endless rivers of
unfounded indignation -

after this
I climbed out, 
onto footsteps
of becoming -
dried myself off

in warm 
of acceptance;
dressed myself 
up, in suit, of 
human resolve;

after this
I ascended
the ladders -
away from
the adders -

and arrived at
place of destiny: 
my sweet victorious 

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