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I have a confession to make. I love buying cookbooks, but I seldom use any of the recipes in them. These recipes need too many ingredients, I tell myself. The method of cooking is too complicated, I moan. But one day I’ll use these recipes because I paid for the books, I say to myself. It’s the same for exercise DVDs.

Regardless, I believe that this cookbook contains more than one recipe you will use over and over again. After reading the recipe for “overnight oats” that require no cooking, I’ve already used it a dozen times! I’m also looking forward to making “garbage” or “salmon cakes” for dinner and other family favorites which were shared by generous contributors.

Someone told me that they didn’t have a toddler and wouldn’t use these recipes. Well, these recipes are also quite geriatric, with little to no salt and sugar. If you are a caretaker of a senior, you will find this book useful as well. As we grow older, we become children again!

When I started the Kickstarter for this book, my father, a French chef and the most kind and gentle man, was quite ill. I had hoped that he would be in the test kitchen, yelling at me about how to cook properly. Alas, he passed before the Kickstarter finished. As I prepared some of these recipes, I felt he was near, shaking his head as I hacked ungracefully at vegetables.

Food is among one of the most important gifts you can give to your children. With good food, they have the energy to get through the day and cause you trouble!

I hope that you will enjoy these recipes with your kraken(s)!

J.F. Garrard

(Editor, Mother of a Kraken, President of Dark Helix Press)


This book is dedicated to my father, E. Fong who was a great chef!

Thank you to my Kickstarter backers: T. Glover, A. Stevenson,
A. Jurkowitz, S. Collins, A. Choo, A.J. King, A. Prakki, A & K. Radwick, G. Bjorklund, L. Tran, C. Rosalia, Thatraja, Milk and Eggs, R.S. Racioppo, E. Mccloy, W. La, K. Anderson, Drink Root, S. Kucera & B. Sheehan.
In addition, thank you to P. Fong, C.L. Fong, N. Garrard, D. Garrard, K. McNaughton, A. Yu, J. Lam, A. Agrawal, V. Lepp, S. Charles, D. Yau, M. Slater, K. Wasal, C. Ali & P. Chang.

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