Does This Happen to You?
By Kris Keppeler
10/18/16 JJ And Kris Do Agility
10/26/16 The Things That Crawled Up My Pants
11/1/16 Seattle Traffic Dance
11/9/16 Multifarious Stunning Connections
11/16/16 Bed Companion to the Pharaoh
11/22/16 Holiday Pop Turkey Trot
11/30/16 Blow Dry Turkey
12/7/16 Your Neighbor’s Christmas Decorations
12/14/16 iFlew
12/20/16 Incendiary Stew
12/28/16 My Dog is an Actor
1/4/17 Eggnog Withdrawal
1/11/17 Resolutions with An Out
1/18/17 A Madwoman Today, A Prince Tomorrow
1/25/17 Facebook Hustle
2/1/17 Don't Pee on Your Brother
2/8/17 Scaling the Schlossberg
2/15/17 Villainous Piece of Plastic
2/22/17 Just Like My Patients
3/1/17 Riding the Scam Carousel
3/8/17 JJ, Fred, and Bob
3/15/17 Influence Peddler Of The Day
3/22/17 Crime and Befuddlement Monkeys
3/28/17 Rat Salon
4/5/17 7 Witches and Umpteen Fishes
4/12/17 Marshal This Scam
4/19/17 Cirque du Napkins
4/26/17 Mr. Compost
5/3/17 Moist Wiggly Nerdiness
5/10/17 Smarter than an Orangutan
5/16/17 Parrotfish Do It
5/24/17 Vindaloo Fire Dance
6/1/17 See Like A Rabbit
6/6/17 Cluck, Cluck Here
6/14/17 Dental Goodie Bags
6/21/17 Naked Bicyclists
6/28/17 Leopard Leggings
7/5/17 Dear Costumer
7/12/17 Pearly Whites
7/19/17 The Dangers of Flossing
7/26/17 All You Can Eat Bug Buffet
8/2/17 Why Dog Crap Earns Wifi
8/9/17 Land of No AC
8/16/17 Our Dog Catalog
8/23/17 How A Crow Made Me A Liar
8/29/17 Stranger Karma
9/6/17 Spider Rumba
9/13/17 Tween Horde
9/20/17 Mother Nature Smokes
9/27/17 DIY Guy in Hot Water
10/4/17 Dream Time Drivers
1/2/18 Crummy Kismet on Wheels: Frozen Locks and Hot Pee
4/2/18 We Weaponized the Dog
7/19/18 Peter Cottontail Steps Out
10/9/18 Spicy Conversations in the Checkout Line with the Cashier
2/13/19 The Number of Words Required for Dead Rat Identification
5/22/19 Snowmegaddon in Seattle Means Crab for Me, No Bananas for You
8/25/19 Three-Tails of Survival While Hiking with Dogs and Interacting with Urban Wildlife
11/28/19 Kris Learns About Featured Extra Work the Hard Way (1)
3/13/20 Wild Bunny Facts to Keep You and Your Dogs Safe and Sane this Spring and Summer
6/21/20 Discovering How To Maneuver Through No Contact Vet Visits and Tips to Outrun COVID-19 While Grocery Shopping
8/25/20 How To Make Elderberry Syrup and a Mess in the Kitchen at the Same Time
11/29/20 Badass Squirrels, Dumb Bunnies, and Living Dangerously in Pandemic Times
3/18/21 How To Survive Four COVID Tests and One Support Sock Demo All in One Week
7/8/21 When Tongue Twisters and Pronunciation Conundrums Send you Running for Cover
10/4/21 A Doggedly Dramatic Summer Or How To Spend Lots of Time and Money on Your Pooch
12/21/21 How Can You Be a Model with a Face like This?
4/6/22 How many ducks does it take to stop two bicyclists?
7/4/22 Why do so many people like beer that tastes like they dumped grapefruit juice in it
10/26/22 An Ending