Daily Poetry Changes Lives
By Christopher Burn
6/26/15 Andre Maurois fights the Nazis
6/27/15 Helen Keller comes out of the dark
6/28/15 King Henry VIII - reformation or deformation ?
6/29/15 Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the little Portuguese
6/30/15 Alexander the Great was inspired by Homer
7/1/15 George Sand - a celebrity ahead of her time
7/2/15 Ernest Hemingway - for whom the bell tolled
7/3/15 Karl Benz introduces the motor car
7/4/15 Independence Day - US Congress hangs together
7/5/15 Speed limit curbs Mr Toad
7/6/15 Dalai Lama, champion of human values and harmony
7/7/15 Chocolate arrives in Europe
7/8/15 Betty Ford, President's wife and addict
7/9/15 Bill Haley, twentieth century Shaker
7/10/15 Lady Godiva, Coventry's streaker
7/19/15 King Henry VIII sees his flagship 'Mary Rose' sink
7/20/15 Alexander the Great was Inspired by Homer
7/21/15 Robert Burns kept the day job
7/22/15 Katherine Lee Bates sees the beautiful in America
7/23/15 Bonnie Prince Charlie was a flop
7/24/15 Alexandre Dumas thought like D'Artagnan
7/25/15 Louis Bleriot's pancake landing
7/26/15 Aldous Huxley's psychedelic lifestyle
7/27/15 Sir Walter Raleigh starts the smoking habit
7/28/15 Maximilien Robespierre experiences terror
7/29/15 Benito Mussolini's unsuccessful dictatorship
7/30/15 Joyce Kilmer likes trees
7/31/15 Daniel Defoe makes the novel fashionable
8/1/15 Slavery abolished in the British Empire
8/2/15 Lewis Carroll's boat trip with Alice
8/3/15 The Burghers of Calais, heroes in their time
8/4/15 War with Germany a test of the human spirit
8/5/15 Nuclear bomb on Hiroshima brings regrets