Bittersweet Memories
By Debbie Pinkham

Lloyd A. Green      6/01/16 3:43 PM

About Cheery: Another tail :) that I'm very happy that I did not miss. I like the depth of concern and attachment that you had for him. As a dog owner I can appreciate (and dread) what you went through when it was finally Cheery's time to rest. Prince is almost twelve years old. We've had him since he was two months and I can't imagine that old dog not being there. Your detailed and emotional account has inspired me to write a story about our silly lab-mix and how he's totally stole our hearts. Thank you for sharing so freely. I was touched.

Lloyd A. Green      4/28/16 3:13 AM

Just finished Chapter 7. I got choked up about your father and his not letting go of his furry friend. I've got an older dog but I've never had to experience that kind of sadness (not yet anyway). When you spoke about your father making certain you got home okay through the cb, it hit home with me again. The difference is, I'm the father that made certain that my youngest (she's 28) got home okay by cell phone. I talked with her from the train station to her front door and made sure she safely got inside. Your father loved you very much.
Debbie Pinkham      4/29/16 12:18 AM
Lloyd, Stock up on the Kleenex! I hope you hang in there and read everything, not just about my dad, but the other stories in the series, about my grandparents, and my furry babies. My dad had a lot of problems, but looking back on his life, and writing the good stuff, I can see where his problems came from and why he was like he was. In death, and getting older yourself, gives you clarity, more than you had going thru it when it was going on. And that's where the regret comes from.

Lloyd A. Green      3/29/16 9:11 PM

I've just finished reading chapter two. My mind can't help but race back to my father who passed away many years ago. Are you TRYING to make me cry . I've held back so far. Let's see what happens in the next chapters. By the way. I really like your writing. Keep it up.
Debbie Pinkham      3/30/16 1:26 AM
Thank you, Lloyd. Get the Kleenex ready.