Azure Letters
By Rodopi Sisamis

Rodopi Sisamis      1/10/17 7:59 AM

So sorry that it takes me so long to get the chapters up, but Chapter six should be up today or tomorrow. I'm revising it now. If you've stuck with Lark and I up until now, thank you!

Jedah Mayberry      8/02/16 1:47 PM

Good storytelling has the ability to transport the reader. Sometimes it is distance that we travel. Other times we find ourselves immersed in the space consuming another person's head, a new way of thinking, an alternate outlook on the world. Azure Letters is that kind of storytelling. It puts you in someone else's shoes, your knees gone soft, every grimy detail of what you've read traveling up your spine. Superb.
Rodopi Sisamis      8/12/16 11:13 PM
Thank you so much. I have a great deal of anxiety as I work on this story, not sure if it would be too dark, or if anyone would be receptive to it. I appreciate your feedback, very much.