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Maybe Later

A Touch of Noir
By Lisa M. Giannone
4/28/16 Prologue
4/30/16 Fare Game
5/25/16 Slippery When Wet
6/14/16 The Hitch
7/7/16 Bal Masque`
7/21/16 Shore Leave
8/5/16 Luck of the Draw
8/19/16 Death Do Us Part
9/1/16 The Lady is Lethal
9/16/16 Best Served Cold
9/29/16 Hunter or Hunted?
10/13/16 Tipping Point
10/28/16 Jazzed
11/10/16 Paranoia Will Destroy Ya
11/22/16 The Jungle
12/8/16 Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
12/23/16 Where Evil Lurks
1/5/17 Rook or Pawn?
1/5/17 Epilogue