C.L. Cook
Author of Noxwood Academy


C.L’s passions for writing stems on her desire to engage her readers in thoughtful thinking regarding core values, societal issues, and complex relationships. C.L thrives on creating one of a kind worlds and characters. She has written several Children’s eBooks, but has also begun writing in Young Adult and New Adult areas as well. She is excited to be writing for Channillo, and even more exited to release Noxwood Academy on it. Although writing is in the forefront of her passions, she is currently an Instructional Specialist for a public school, where she is able to provide support to teachers and help influence positive changes. Ultimately, her life goal is to lead by example in order to prove that any one person is capable of influencing change to better humanity. She believes that everyone is capable of making a difference and doing great things, and it starts with one step in the right direction.

Location: United States
Twitter: @CL_Cook_
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