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Dennis was born in a small town in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. From a very early age he had a love and passion for art and writing. It stuck with him as he embarked on drawing, writing short stories and even created two comic book series...AS HOBBIES! Alas, his interests became smothered for a time during his college/university years when he focused on obtaining a Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Education andBusiness Administration diploma. Since then, he has worked many jobs - ranging from automotive detailer to travelling salesman. Yet, along the way, he managed to rekindle his passion for writing and creating.Today, he continues to teach, write and has created a Youtube channel, Dennis Moulton AKA GotBot, where he does transformer reviews, stop motion animations and vidoe book trailers (still to come). His first novel, The Everything Factor, was published in 2014 on Amazon as an ebook. His second is in preproduction and he is working on his third. As well, he has embarked on a new project as a channillo author with his first series, Machinery of Man.​ He still lives in his home province, in his "little piece of Paradise", with his family and content, yet belligerent cat, Mo.

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