I grew up and still reside among the breathtaking mountains of wild, wonderful West Virgina. My first home with my husband had land that bordered on a cliff, or "the overlook" as we called it. I could stand on the edge and view the breathtaking scenery, including a beautiful, flowing river.

I've enjoyed writing since I was a young child. Most people, except close friends and family, do not know that I sing all the time. I perform karaoke at family reunions. I'm most remembered for my rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" which was posted on Youtube a few years back. I wake up in the morning with a song in my head. When I get to point in one of my books where I can't come up with the words, I start listening to music. It always breaks my writer's block.

I'm the oldest child in my family with two younger brothers. I'm considerably tall for a woman at 5'9" and the lead female characters in most of books are statuesque women. My husband is 6'2" and my son reached 6'3" at 15. I'm surrounded by tall, muscular men, much like the alpha male characters I write about. Yes, art immitates life.

I jot down notes everywhere about my books--in notebooks, on my phone, and on my computer. I started organizing them by book. When I travel, I constantly observe town names, street signs, and businesses. I'm always looking for a name that catches my attention for possible use as a character or location in one of my books.

An interesting fact about me and my husband is we've known each other since we started elementary school, even though we never talked. We started dated when we were sixteen. All the teens in my neighborhood got together to play softball, and he insisted I use his glove. Ah, the beginning of true romance. I'm one month and five days older than him, and he never lets me forget it.

I tell jokes all the time. Follow me on Twitter @khristinaat1 and you're sure to see my sense of humor shine through in some of my tweets.

Friends and family kept insisting that I start a blog. If you'd like to know a little more about what makes my brain tick, along, with insights into my writing, here it is:

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Do ghosts really exist? They do in my imagination. Aliens do to. 

My father has been telling me ghost stories my entire life. He's gifted at spinning a tale. I'd like to think I inherited his skills.

Follow me on a journey through my fictitious world. I promise you won't be bored. I've even thrown in a little romance.

Haunted Hearts: The dearly departed don't usually stick around to haunt the people they love, right?

Lovelorn Lodging: The room had a strange way of reverberating Brigid's sobs. Byron’s name murmured in her head over and over as if permeating from an outside source. 

I'm in Love with an Alien: The gorgeous hunk of man stayed on Becca’s mind. She could not imagine why he needed to seek a date online. Ross worked at his own  business where women came in all day, every day, and talked to him face-to-face. He must have something wrong with him, yet to be discovered. 

Category/Genre(s): Short Stories, Paranormal, Romance
Updated: Monthly

Genny Moretti is feeling sentimental about Brad Kaplan during a break from college.  He was better known to the world as the best selling murder mystery writer, Bradley Kingston.  She starts going through a box of his notes she believes are all from previous books, but finds a journal containing ideas about a new one that he never got the chance to write.  Inside is page after page about a serial killer and his victims.

She wants to write the book herself as a tribute to her deceased husband, which occupies her mind for months after the spring semester starts. Both of her children are enrolled in preschool, freeing up some time for her to attend college again with a full schedule.

Hank doesn’t resent his wife returning to school, but is upset with her obsession about writing the book.  A thirty-five year old fellow teacher at the middle school is extremely attracted to him.  He's doing his best to thwart her attempts for a sexual encounter.  When the woman is murdered, Hank becomes the prime suspect.

After the book is published, Genny becomes a person of interest for the police.  No one would have known the details except the real killer.  She could easily have found out about Hank’s alleged mistress and wanted her dead.  Is she the next victim, or is she guilty of murder?

WARNING:  This series contains Adult Language and Sexual Content.

Category/Genre(s): Adult Fiction, Romance
Updated: Weekly

There’s been a murder in Jaeger Cove, Connecticut with plenty of suspects to choose from.  Can you guess who did it?

Kate Hollingsworth-Collins who despises the victim for tearing her relationship with Nathan apart.

Aiden Walker (Kate's Brother) who can't stand the way Kate becomes a different person around Leo and wants his sister to reconcile with Nathan. The victim is the only person standing in their way.

Edward Hollingsworth (Kate's Grandfather) who wants his granddaughter to be happy. She’s the only family he has left and is obviously in love with Nathan. 

Nathan Reed who desperately wants his true love, Kate, back. She’ll never forgive him as long as the victim is complicating their relationship.

Meredith Carlisle (Nathan's Mother) who admits she would do anything to ensure her son reconciles with Kate.  She's a Hollingsworth heir and money like that is hard to come by. 

Leo Kensington (Kate’s on again/off again fiancé) who doesn't want a secret to come out that only the victim knows about. He would lose Kate forever.

Richard Kensington (Leo's Grandfather) who's was being blackmailed by the victim, and you don't mess with a Kensington.

Howard Kensington (Leo’s Uncle/Edward’s Son) who would do anything to protect his family.

WARNING: This series contains Adult Language and Sexual Content.

Category/Genre(s): Romance, Adult Fiction, Mystery/Thriller
Updated: Weekly

Historical Romance set in my paternal grandfather's home state of Kentucky starting in 1876. 

Lexine (Lexi) Donovan has had a crush on Cooper Grayson since she was thirteen years old. He left town the year before and headed to California, hoping to fulfill his dreams to travel and find more excitement than his small town had to offer. He quickly discovers all he can think about is his beloved Lex. When he returns, she has recently accepted a ring from her best friend, Silas Reilly. 

Silas has been in love with Lexi since he first met her when he was only fourteen years old. He still cannot find the nerve to talk to her father. The man scares him. 

Undaunted, Cooper immediately seeks permission from Lexi’s father, Heath, to court his daughter. Silas is a small-town farm boy with no dreams and no ambition. He is simply not right for a girl as special as Lex.

Faced with an impossible situation of choosing between the two men, Lexi takes the coward’s way out and boards a train to Louisville to visit her grandmother. She returns home several months later with a husband, Luke Weston. 

During a picnic Lexi has planned for Luke’s birthday at her special place by the pond, a shot rings out just as she is delivering the wonderful news he is going to be a father. The deputy, Jesse Dalton, and Sheriff Vaughn believe the incident was only a stray bullet from a hunter, but is one of the two men who claim to love Lexi actually trying to murder her husband? 

HEAT LEVEL RATING: This series contains consummated love scenes that are sensual, but may be considered graphic in their description.

Category/Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Romance
Updated: Weekly

Nathan Reed is one of the main characters in the Undercover Romance Series, but not much is know about his past until now. This short story follows his life from the time his parents meet. Find out why they divorce and his mother ends up married to her new boss, Elliott Carlisle. Discover the earth shattering event that drives him toward the dangerous career path of becoming a Navy Seal, and eventually an FBI agent. Hear Nathan's thoughts when he first encounters his new partner, Kate Collins, the woman who will ultimately end up changing his life.

Leo Kensington met Kate for the first time when she was eleven years old at his graduation party. He doesn't encounter her again until she's twenty-seven and in desperate need of revenge.  He's thoughtful and romantic.  Can he capture her heart and repair the damage Nathan has inflicted?

Howard Kensington and Julia Hollingsworth were practically forced into a relationship when they turned sixteen.  Their fathers made a pact when they were born, only a few months apart, to guide them toward marrying each other when they were older. Howard doesn't balk on what is expected of him, but Julia is another story.  He may not have been able to hold onto her attention, but twenty-eight years later, her daughter, Kate, keeps looking his way. 

WARNING: These short stories contain Adult Language and Sexual Content.

Category/Genre(s): Short Stories, Romance
Updated: Weekly

Genny Montgomery has an almost perfect senior year of high school. The brainy girl who no boy has ever looked at twice ends up with the hot and handsome quarterback of the football team when Hank Moretti moves back to Carolina Bay and searches for the girl he called GG, his special name for Genevieve Grace in elementary school.  

College life isn't quite as romantic as high school. Hank is so consumed with taking his football team to the championship and going professional that he has little time for Genny.  A debonair college professer, Dr. Max Lewis, starts giving her the attention she craves.  Will he be able to fulfill her sexual fantasies that have been poured out into three steamy novels?  

A murder mystery writer who lives next door, Bradley Kingston, gives Genny an advanced copy of his book.  One of the men in her life uses his plot line and throws her life into potentially deadly turmoil.  Who will survive the chain of events that unfold? 

WARNING:  This series contains Adult Language and Sexual Content.

The sequel in the Killer Attraction Series, The Seaside Slayer, is also available.  

Category/Genre(s): Romance, Adult Fiction
Updated: A Few Times A Week

Kate Collins has wanted to become a spy since she was eleven years old. On her first field assignment, she is partnered with sexy FBI Special Agent Nathan Reed.  He can't keep his eyes or his hands off his beautiful partner.  

While tailing the Russian mobster, Dmitriy Ivanov, Kate accosts a gorgeous stranger with a passionate kiss as he is exiting his room to keep her cover from being blown. Clay Carlisle escorts her to the bar downstairs where she can make sure her person of interest doesn't leave the hotel.  She has a couple of glasses of wine with him and wakes up the next morning in his bed.  There's a small problem.  She can't remember how she got there. 

Just when Kate thinks her life can't get any more complicated, her billionaire grandfather introduces her to his best friend's grandson, Leo Kensington.  He's thoughtful and romantic, but is just getting out of rehab.  

Who will be the man to capture Kate's heart?

WARNING: This series contains Adult Language and Sexual Content.

The sequel in the Undercover Romance Series, Obesession of Mine, is also available.

Category/Genre(s): Romance, Adult Fiction
Updated: A Few Times A Week