Khalid Mukhtar
Author of Sand in My Parfait & The Gulmohur Tales


Khalid Mukhtar spends most of his free time writing classical poetry or experimenting with traditional forms and meters. In addition to poetry, he is an aspiring novelist, having completed two unpublished manuscripts of fiction drama. He is presently working on his third novel, which is gradually shaping up to be a work of fantasy fiction/adventure. You can follow his progress on his blog at

Khalid lives in suburban Chicago with his wife and four children.

Location: Chicago
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Somewhere in the wake of all that craziness we call life and living, there lingers on a sweet aftertaste that makes it all worthwhile. Sand in My Parfait is a series of poetic musings on parenting and other forms of slow death.

Every poem in this series takes a humorous jab at life as we know it.

Many poems in this series are written in classical/formal verse. Reader discretion is advised.

Category/Genre(s): Poetry
Updated: Monthly

East meets west in these tales of honor, intrigue and humor as the lives of everyday characters intersect only to become inextricably intertwined. The result is a tapestry celebrating one humanity.

1. Hooghly's Child
A young member of a growing Indian resistance finds himself and his toddler stalked by assassins in 1876 Calcutta as a Swedish couple seeks distraction from a sorrow that unites them.

2. The Appointment
It is 1987 and seven-year-old Niyaz has the chance to emigrate to America. The future holds endless possibilities.

3. Bus To Triplicane
John Perry and his local guide, Asif, take a bus ride in the Madras metropolis of South India. John runs into a spot of trouble.

4. A Mall Encounter
Vinod Belchada sees the killer of his parents in a shopping mall, or so he imagines.

5. Lunch On Lower Wacker
Little Zeenat makes a trip to the mosque downtown to join her Girl Scout troop in packing lunches for the homeless. She has a heart-warming experience as she gives away the last of the lunches.

6. The Wager
Young India is finding its voice in this little story set in 1904. William Mortimer makes a wager with his wife, but the Indian boys he engages to win his bet have a wager of their own.

7. A Change Of Heart
A suicide bomber in a Chicago cafe has a change of heart, but his plan is set in motion and his body is trained to execute. 

8. Living
Age and mental illness have taken their toll on a veteran, but he still recognizes love and service when he sees it.

9. The Sound Of Bangles
Matthew Lambton is robbed of his merchandise and left wounded on a dirt road in 1763 Agra, India. A sweet village girl takes him to her home where Lambton matches wits with the girl's grandmother and finds himself at a loss for words.

10. For Here Or To Go
A young and bright programmer experiences the stresses of American acculturation on his first day in the States.

Category/Genre(s): Short Stories, Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction, Humor
Updated: Monthly