I write fantasy and science fantasy nearing completion on the first novel of the Mor'a'stani Universe, Mindbender while working on other novels in the series. I've self-published the the prequel to Mor'a'stani Universe books, Forced Labor, Book One of Arekan's War which you can find on Amazon or as electronic download on my website. Book 2, No Free Lunch is due out shortly. 

Arekan,  (pronounced Ari' kay' an, hey just go with me here) the protagonist of that corner of the Mor'a'stani Universe was never meant to be a main character. He was a piece of backstory created to give a name in the genealogy to my main character in Mindbender. He came to life in a monthly challenge piece for my online writer's group which complained that the story was larger than the five thousand words I was allotted to write the story. This suited Arekan just fine. As sometimes happen with a strong character, and true to his nature, he hijacked my writing efforts demanding I write more about him. He's a greedy guy even if he doesn't give up his secrets easily, and he lies a good deal, so it's been a challenge to get his stories straight. 

My first Channillo novel, Pirate's Luck is a story of Arekan's first year on his own and it is a defining time in his life. 

To fund my work I ghostwrite SFF, paranormal books and romance novels. Ssh, I can’t tell you the names of the titles. 

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