Jae Mazer is a Canadian who was born in Victoria, British Columbia, and grew up in the prairies and mountains of Northern Alberta. After spending the majority of her life in the Great White North, she migrated south to Texas. Now she enjoys life as the mom of a toddler, a musician, and a connoisseur and creator of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. A rampant love of reading led her to believe she could weave a good tale herself, and is now the author of six published novels available on all platforms world wide. 

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Location: Victoria and Beyond
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This series is the complete first part of a novel, Chrysalis and Clan, that is due to be published in March 2017.

*This series contains explicit content, and some trigger warnings. Please be aware it is not for everyone.*


There is a war festering that threatens life as we know it, but it is a war we will never see. It is cloaked beneath the skin of our loved ones, our neighbors, and the strangers on the corner. And it is all consuming.


Beth is successful, grounded, and happy. That is until a disasterous visit with her mother, Ava, who is suffering from dementia. This visit, the final visit with her mother, plants seeds of doubt in Beth's mind about who she really is or, rather, what she really is. Beth chooses to indulge her doubt and curiosity by entertaining her mother's ludicrous claims.


But there is another side to the story. A side that not only believes Ava's tales of lineage, but is hell-bent on stopping them.


Chrysalis and Clan is a tapestry of ghosts, of extraterrestrial creatures, and of demons that will make you shudder each time you see the back of your eyelids.


Which side are you rooting for?

Category/Genre(s): Horror, Paranormal, Adult Fiction
Updated: Monthly

Mark Ripley is a detective who was driven from the force after an explosion left him with life altering injuries. The accident sent him spiraling into a crippling depression, costing him his marriage, his friendships, and his job.

Mark keeps himself busy by doing freelance consulting work for the homicide department at his former precinct. One evening he is called out to the scene of a grusome crime, one which sets off a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse with a killer who identifies himself only by the letters A-S.

Can Mark Ripley overcome the trauma of his recent injuries and out-of-control life in time to stop a madman, or will he be consumed by the spiral towards savage, psychotic brutality?

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Come in.

Have a bite.

Just a little taste.

Within the Curio of Macabre Prose you will find a collection of short stories that will horrify, terrify, and mystify. Creatures, ghouls, witches, and the wickedness of the human condition.

The fear is awaiting your consumption...



It's horror. It's creepy, scary, and violent. There is strong language and sexual innuendo. 

You've been warned. 

Category/Genre(s): Horror, Short Stories
Updated: Monthly