Former Marine, aspiring actor and writer.

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In the outside world, writers starve to have their words consumed and considered. On the inside, every 'letter' is sacred and sav(i)ored.

In a nutshell, it's correspondence between a guy and woman in prison... and another guy with the same name... and occasional other characters (you know how destiny and randomness go.)

Instagram: @carcerated.grammar


Pseudo-accolades for Carcerated Grammer's  Weekly / Biweekly / Monthly 'Cerealized' (sic) Prison Correspondence:

2017 Channillo Awards '1st Place Runner Up' in Best Ongoing Series, Humor and Journal Entries Catagories.

"'Carcerated Grammer' is... well, what can I say? I've never read anything quite like it. it goes well with pie."

- Larry Jacoby 'The Colored Sightglass'


"I feel for Bianca but I suppose, I'd read anything sent to me in prison too."

- Harriette Fairline 'The Long Island Shore Woman Gazette'


"the age old adage you can't polish a turd, well the only thing here easy on the eyes is thanks to the yellow paper it's written on.

- Tony Cima 'Hoffman Hot Rods Fanzine.'

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If you have to know more than the title tells...

Let's just say the dinner isn't so much 'Kosher;' by either definition, as it is... not really a part of Chapter One anyway... directly, anyhow.

It's really more about an arcane relationship in a world not necessarily too far away from our own and the philosophical minutia that lies therein, ‘Pseudo-(Philia)sophically speaking;’ if you were worried the kids would be getting into some sort of romp through a Robo-Socratic-love based story.

Which they won’t.

There’s like- Blade Runner and Japanese Anime for that.

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