Former Marine, aspiring actor and writer.

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In the outside world, writers starve to have their words consumed and considered. On the inside, every 'letter' is sacred and sav(i)ored.

In a nutshell, it's correspondence between a guy and woman in prison... and another guy with the same name... and occasional other characters (you know how destiny and randomness go.)

"We're not done YET!"

(Images of letters being uploaded notwithstanding.)

Instagram: @carcerated.grammar


Pseudo-accolades for Carcerated Grammer's  Weekly / Biweekly / Monthly 'Cerealized' (sic) Prison Correspondence:

2017 Channillo Awards '1st Place Runner Up' in Best Ongoing Series, Humor and Journal Entries Catagories.

"'Carcerated Grammer' is... well, what can I say? I've never read anything quite like it. it goes well with pie."

- Larry Jacoby 'The Colored Sightglass'


"I feel for Bianca but I suppose, I'd read anything sent to me in prison too."

- Harriette Fairline 'The Long Island Shore Woman Gazette'


"the age old adage you can't polish a turd, well the only thing here easy on the eyes is thanks to the yellow paper it's written on.

- Tony Cima 'Hoffman Hot Rods Fanzine.'

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If you have to know more than the title tells...

Let's just say the dinner isn't so much 'Kosher;' by either definition, as it is... not really a part of Chapter One anyway... directly, anyhow.

It's really more about an arcane relationship in a world not necessarily too far away from our own and the philosophical minutia that lies therein, ‘Pseudo-(Philia)sophically speaking;’ if you were worried the kids would be getting into some sort of romp through a Robo-Socratic-love based story.

Which they won’t.

There’s like- Blade Runner and Japanese Anime for that.

So, I guess you could say, it's the human conception of mundane science fiction at it's most mundane. So, you probably won't like it.

I know Roy isn't too 'the human conception of' keen on what he gets put through.

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