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Nov. 18, 2015 - PRLog -- Guy Lozier, an Oklahoma resident, recently published his first novel “The Eternal: Guardian of Light” which is Book One of “The Mind Rift Saga” and it is already in production as a movie. The locations for movie scenes range from Oklahoma, to Tennessee, to California, to Boston, and all the way to Cairo Egypt. It will include actors from Oklahoma, Tennessee, California, Jamaica, and Egypt, bringing to life the Pyramids, the Nile River, the Sphynx, an Ancient Temple, and an Egyptian Museum. Guy’s fans of his novel have called him a genius when discussing his writing methods.

Guy is the owner of Higher Destiny Productions & Infinite Offspring Films

"As the owner of these companies I get to work on shows and movies. It's very interesting and I get to meet a lot of actors and musicians. I make a lot of contacts from other production companies all over the world. I really enjoy this aspect of media in my life."

He has owned a few businesses in his past including his own bookstore.

"I used to collect science fiction and fantasy series novels, spending all my spare time reading. I had close to 500 novels after a few years in my collection, having read nearly every single one. I also used to allow the kids to come into my book store on the weekend and we would have gaming nights, playing into the late hours of the night. Our favorite game was AD&D. Sometimes we would have Matt Reynolds show up, he was a comic artist who worked with DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics and some others, and he enjoyed role playing the monsters everyone had to fight. It was a blast. We also enjoyed playing at Wizards Asylum Comics with Jimmy Jarman the owner, a personal friend of mine. Oh for the good old days when gaming was new and fresh in my life."

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HOSNAH, a powerful and magical woman from a mystical world, is birthing a child.  This child is fathered by a human, ABOA ELDAHAB, who was charmed and seduced by HOSNAH with her magical powers for this very purpose.  ABOA ELDAHAB since has died in an accident caused by a mysterious cult.  Once every thousand years, the protectors of earth must produce a human child to stand against evil.  If this child does not overcome the evil one, the earth will enter a thousand years of utter darkness and chaos ruled by the dark forces of evil from HOSNAH's mystical world.

That is the agreement between good and evil to keep the balance between them.  Earth holds many treasures of mystical qualities that are highly valueable to the evil races from HOSNAH's world.  While HOSNAH's people love earth because of the humans and animals which inhabit it, knowing their potential of good and qualities of love.  

Many thousands of years ago, good and evil lived on earth together.  While the evil forces desired to rule earth, the good only desired to protect the earth from them.  A war ensued and many magical beings were destroyed, both good and evil.  An agreement was made to keep the peace.  Once the conflict ended, either good or bad would inhabit earth and the other races would not be allowed on earth.  In earth's dark histories have been those few times that evil reigned.  Earth barely survived those dark days, with humanity suffering the most and nearly going extinct each time.

The end of the millennium has arrived and the time of conflict is at hand.  Not only is HOSNAH pregnant and bearing a son but another son is being born.  The evil one, MENAZIA, which HOSNAH'S son HADE will face.  

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Continues the Mind Rift Saga where book one leaves off.

With the Devians beginning to develop dimensional technologies to move their armies to earth, the higher dimensions take notice.

Sending protectors to earth to help Auren defend against the Devians, the Morantians begin to help.

The King of the Faery begins to organize the defending armies of the Faery, Dragons, Dwarves and the Darklanders.

Glaxus and the Queen of the Darklanders fall in love.  The Queen forces Glaxus out of her dimension, telling him to not come back until he has changed his ways.

Glaxus struggles with dimensional conquest issues as he develops dimensional technologies and readies his armies to move to earth.

With no way to kill Devians, it becomes harder and harder to defend earth.  The armies must be stopped from coming to earth if there is any hope of stopping them.

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Based on the Manuscript of William D. Nugent, the conspiracy of Custer's assassination by President Grant with the help of multiple Generals.

As I investigate the story I begin to have problems. Individuals possing as FBI Agents confront me when an unidentified man from Washington tries to bring me documents related to this story. I find him murdered at the Tulsa International Airport. I am followed and my house is broke into as they try to steal from me the documents I received. I have to go into hiding for a period of time and an effort to kill two of my friends and incapacitate me for the remainder of my life takes place. 

Seeking help from my friend in the CIA, I follow old clues to uncover Custer's story. The NSA saves us as a professional assasin is sent to take us out. Then we find that the Custer story is but the tip of the iceberg. Now extra-ordinary events unfold to help us get the story out and protect us from those who seek to stop us.

A much larger conspiracy surrounding President Grant is revealed. The Lakota tribe sues the federal government over this conspiracy and wins at the Supreme Court. The federal government pays retribution to the tribe. Over $1,000,000,000.00 sits in a bank account for the tribe but the tribe continues to fight in court. They want their lands back that was stolen by President Grant instead of the cash. This is an ongoing case.

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Auren desires to prove his manhood at too early an age.  Going against his mother's wishes, he finds it but suffers a critical wound.

The God of Light revives Auren, giving him powers of the shaman.

The elementals known as Devians, have conquered all the lower dimensions.  Finding Auren and desiring his magic, the King of the Devians takes his brother's form and kills Auren's family to lure him into a trap.

Fleeing into the future, Glaxus sets up traps for Auren while preparing to bring his armies to earth in preparation to conquer the higher dimensions.

Auren must kill his brother to save his brother's soul by facing Glaxus.  With no way to kill Glaxus, Auren must find a way to save his new love and save earth at the same time.

Category/Genre(s): Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance
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